Sunday, September 28, 2008

Miracles and Blessings Flow

To all of you who follow my trip and lift me in your prayers,

My thanks and gratitude to you! What a week I have had! Everything and nothing has happened and I find it difficult to think there was enough worth mentioning to fill these paragraphs but as usual with my writings the words seem to write themselves. We started out with a new little guy brought into our care, a little boy about 15 months old , with a very "american" style name. Funny because is not a common Haitian name but a small reminder to all of us of the worlds we left behind. M was a special case for me and I can't help but feel for him each time I pass his crib. He is old enough to be missing his Mama and it is heartbreaking to see the despair in his eyes as he sits in his bed and looks out at all of these strangers that are now surrounding him. Like the other kids at GLA soon he will become familiar to this new world around him and within a few months he will be fitting in with everyone but the next weeks will be a difficult adjustment for this little baby. Please remember Baby M in your prayers.

I had the opportunity early in this week to go visiting the home of a missionary to the area who I know from my last trip down here. We were invited for a feast of fresh lobster tails and rice with a delicious creole sauce, Molly and Joyce made onion rings to compliment the meal. All the food I have had here has been a treat but the lobster was especially great! While we were waiting for dinner to finish we had another treat, American satellite TV! I was able to catch some news from home and a special on the best and worst dressed stars at the Oscars, oh the important current events I have been missing :)

I have seen first hand this week the healing that God provides. First in our little guy who I wrote to you about last week, who is now off of all IV lines and eating well on his own. He is still tiny, weighing about 7 or 8 pounds and being 9 weeks old, but he is healing fast and will be growing quickly I am sure. The second healing I have seen in one that touched my heart very deeply. There was a baby boy here at GLA in April who was one of the sweetest kids I encountered. One that I often remembered at thought of while I was at home. When I left last spring K has just celebrated his first birthday and was very developmentally delayed. He couldn't sit up or roll over, he couldn't even hold his own head up for more than a few seconds. K had tested positive for HIV. It seemed there wasn't much hope for this little guy, there was just too much working against him. When I found out that I was going to be working with K on this next trip I was excited, he was such a sweet baby, I knew he would be a joy. I returned to Haiti and the child I left behind was not the same one that greeted me. K is crawling! He is pulling himself up to stand in his bed. He has made amazing progress. If you had asked me 5 months ago if I thought he would ever walk I would have said absolutely not, and now I am confident that in one of my very soon updates I will be telling of K's first steps! The best news of all is that last week I was told that K is not testing positive for HIV anymore! Up until a child is 18 months old he can carry the virus from his mother and test positive for the disease without actually being infected. I am told this is what happened with K, he is now 19 months old. Should I try to excuse this miracle with a medical explanation? I don't' think so! K was healed and God is showing Himself through this amazing little boy. Now K needs another miracle. Because of his developmental delays (he is still considerably behind where he should be) he is difficult to adopt. He needs a very special family to step up and chose to love him. I am praying faithfully and fervently for a family for K. The adoption process in Haiti takes a long time and this baby doesn't need to wait any longer. Please join me in prayers for a family for K! God has used this baby in an amazing way and I am confident he will continue to do so! I will keep you all updated on him!

Yesterday I got to take in PetionVille for some shopping and lunch. I was able to purchase some beautiful paintings and we found a sandwich shop where I enjoyed some fresh vegetables that I didn't even know I had missed, green peppers never tasted so good! On the way back up the mountain we stopped at the lookout. It is a place that overlooks all of Port Au Prince, you can see from the airport to the ocean. A beautiful view of a city that very few could find beauty in. I spent a few minutes looking out, millions of people below me and found myself paying as naturally as I breathed. There isn't much else to do at a point like that. To see the beauty and pain right next to each other. People need Jesus here and I can feel him moving, but there is still much work to be done. I pray that they will give him the chance to rise them up. Haiti can only be healed through the power of Christ and the citizens will be strong if they allow God to work in them. We all know there is nothing impossible to the God we serve!

We still aren't holding church services on Sundays, since our missionary family who usually hosts them is still in the States. I must say, I am missing the fellowship and worship time that comes along with a meeting specifically designed for that purpose. I have the blessing of a beautiful balcony off of my room with a view of the mountains and the area below. A lot of nights I sit out there and have my devotional time and I have started using that space for some quiet praise and worship as well. I pray that will hold me up until our weekly meetings start again.

I am faced with another week full of possibilities and I can hardly wait to see what they will be. Please keep praying for my strength and health in the coming days. We have a few children who are feeling unwell and I ask that you pray for a quick healing for them. I am taking Creole classes and find that the language is coming to me quickly! Praise God! Continue to pray that I would have an ear and tongue for these beautiful words. I have a special journey ahead of me on Tuesday of this week that I will share with you in my next update, I anticipate that this will be a difficult day for me and I especially ask for your prayers on that day. As always, I remember each of you in my prayers of thanksgiving for this journey that I am on.

Seeing miracles every day,

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