Sunday, October 5, 2008

Again It Rains

Another week has passed already! Is it even possible? How could my days already feel like they are slipping away? I try my best to live fully in each moment but I can see how quickly those moments add up to form my life here in Haiti. Weeks like this make the days go even faster because every minute has been packed with things to do!

Monday and Tuesday were taken up with my first of many photo days! Such a stressful but ADORABLE time. The kids always look so cute dressed up, getting there however is another story. We bring them from the nurseries, change them into the "picture clothes" and then proceeded to do everything short of begging on our knees to get them to smile (although if we thought that would work we would do that too) This months theme was fall and the kids posed in little fall outfits in piles of "leaves" it's a little surreal to see that and know we are actually in 80 degree weather but the outcome was very fun. I know that adoptive parents appreciate, in fact count the days until they receive their next photos and that makes the work all worth it, but I believe that every one of them should be present for one of those days to fully appreciate them :)

Tuesday afternoon was an eventful one for me, as I mentioned in my previous entry I spent Tuesday after lunch walking around the area where we live with 2 friends and sharing stories of Berlancia, spending hours remembering. Many moments of laughter over her silly antics. And even more silent steps in tears over the loss that we all still feel. After about 3 hours we looped back around to stop at the cemetery where the children of GLA are buried. it is a local Haitian cemetery, like none I have ever seen before. In Haiti the cemeteries consist of above ground cement graves. It was very emotional for me to walk into that place. Even though I know that B is not there, I felt overwhelmed with the fact that she was brought there and buried with no one to stand at her graveside. There was no funeral here in Haiti for this beautiful little girl. Of course that doesn't mean she wasn't loved here, just that it is not an unusual occurrence for a child to die in this country, and life must continue on. Funerals are not held at GLA. That was a difficult idea for me to grasp. I spent several moments in a corner grieving Berlancia, the graves were not marked so I did not know exactly where hers was. I placed a flower on the corner of one that looked fairly new and thought it as close as I could get. The walk home was draining but I am so glad I did it. It was a wonderful way for me to keep her memory alive and let myself cry.

Tuesday also brought us a new Volunteer,. Heather is a 27 year old from Vancouver BC. She will be with us for 2 weeks! The balcony is filling up! Joining the group on Thursday was a Mother/Son team from Billings, Montana. Jeneaine and Zak are here for a month. Our number is up to 8 now!

I continued with Creole classes Thursday and Friday afternoons. We learned this week the numbers and nasal sounds. Next week we start learning the different forms of "the". Wish me luck! So far I am picking it up pretty quickly.

My kids are doing great! I have a set of 2 year old twins who are so fun! Mr. Soso is fairly delayed in his development but 2 days this week he had really good hours with me. He stood both days for almost a half an hour! He will walk soon! My oldest little girl F said her first word! "Ale" (it means "go" in Creole) then a few days later she said "alo". She also was amazingly patient in letting me try to braid her hair! I turned out really cute but my hands don't work nearly as well as the nannies, the style lasted only about a day and a half before it had to be repaired. She is a lot of fun and I always have a great time my hour with her. She is my oldest baby at 31/2 and we have so much fun doing things that I can't do with the really little babies. She likes to color and build towers. She is also working on walking, soon, soon, soon! My tiny baby N has been sick and moved out of the nursery and into Nurse Susan's room for 24 hour care. Since Susan still has work to do during the day N and I spend a whole 4 hours together rather than just one. I am quickly becoming attached to her. I can't wait to watch her grow up before my eyes! K is amazing as usual! My Ella too! She will go home to France before Christmas! Probably around her first birthday, November 12th. Both K and Ella LOVE oatmeal cream pies and cosmic brownies, not very nutritionally positive but so cute to watch! K is still waiting for his forever family. Keep praying!

A few of the kids here have little aches and tummy sickness this week, nothing that doesn't affect every child at some point but they need prayers for quick healing and that the germs would not spread and affect all of them! Pray for their health! As for me, still 100 percent! Yay and praise God! I can feel your prayers surrounding me every day! My computer is not working very well right now, there seems to be a problem with the connection between the screen and the computer. Please pray that I will be able to find someone who can fix it for me! I'm still not able to upload pictures but I will keep working on it! I can't wait for you to see my babies!

All of you with your constant support and encouragement keep me going! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! Rainy season is in full swing and affects the internet connection, hopefully it stays working for me! Until next time, I will be enjoying the sound of the drops on the tin roof, and loving on these angels!


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