Tuesday, October 14, 2008

First Steps

From Haiti with love,

I am so excited to share with you that I finally witnessed the first steps of one of my babies! My oldest kid, a little girl who is 3 1/2, took her first steps on Tuesday! Missy F has been trying to walk since she came to GLA last March. Finally it happened! It took some bribing and a little chocolate, but she finally decided it was worth it! Very exciting and the best part of it all, I got it on video! I am trying my best to get my uploader installed so I can share my videos and pictures with you. As soon as I can they will be up!

The first steps of a child are so exciting, it got me thinking a lot. I am still amazed that I was chosen to be put in such a position, that I am able to be apart of these unforgettable moments. Even so, in the midst of all the joy these days bring I started thinking about the people who are missing these moments with their babies. F has a mommy and daddy in The Netherlands who are waiting to bring her home. I know the amazing joy they will feel when they hear of their daughters first steps, and I know the moment of sorrow they will also feel, having missed another milestone in their baby's life. To not have the story to share with her when she is all grow up about the day she walked. I can't help but think that it is unfair that her first steps were into my arms and not theirs. I also think of another mother and father that F has. Somewhere here in Haiti are an man and woman who I know also dreamed the first steps their baby would take. 2 people who wanted with all of their being for their little girl to have the chance to walk. A chance to run and play and to grow up. Knowing they could not give her those opportunities must have been the most painful realization of their lives. The longer I am here the more I am convinced that every child we care for was brought to us out of love. I will never get over seeing someone put their baby in the arms of a stranger and walk away. Fighting the overpowering urge to snatch them back and run way, maybe thinking that if they run long enough they will end up in a place where everything will be ok. The courage and selflessness they show in bringing these little ones to us is a trait that I can only pray that I will someday posses. Could I ever be selfless enough to truly put someone else's needs above my own desires. I hope so!

After the excitement of Tuesday the rest of the week seems fairly uneventful. Every day another tiny bit of my heart is pulled into the hands of these babies. I am so in love and inspired by them! I have a little boy that I work with JT. He is 15 months old and does not use the right side of his body. His arm and leg are drawn up towards his body and the muscles are very tight. His mouth and eye droop. We aren't sure if this is a permanent injury or even what caused it, so for now I am working faithfully with him to exercise these muscles and hope that it will do some good. He doesn't seem to mind it too much and his sunny personality is just captivating to me. He is beautiful and when he smiles you can't help but smile back. I have a few more little girls that I have started working with, Stephy and M have joined my crew for a few weeks. Both are very adorable and M has got personality much bigger than her little body can hold! Along with my little girls has come my new favorite activity, hair braiding! My "creations" tend to fall out pretty quickly and easily but I sure have fun doing it! The nannies think it is pretty funny but the other day when I came into the nursery they gave me a baby and a comb and told me to do her hair so I guess I'm not that bad at it!

The children at GLA have gotten the chicken pox! It sure is a pretty miserable time for all of the little ones affected but they seem to be recovering pretty quickly and none of our very fragile babies have gotten it yet, so we praise God for that. Please pray for the continued recovery of the rest of the babies! My own health is still keeping well! No sickness! Thank you all for prayers on that subject. We are still praying for a family for K and have found out this week about a few families who may be open to taking him! Pray for this! I would like to see his adoption process start soon!

This week I found that I am torn in being here. I love Haiti and I love God's Littlest Angels Orphanage, but every day I pray that a time will come when we are no longer needed in this country. I am looking forward to seeing the country of Haiti grow this year while I am here. I am confident that God is claiming this place for him, but it is a long and slow process. Please keep this country in your prayers always, for her people and their faith! Haiti will do great things for God someday! I pray that the day will be soon!

Thank you all again, I have no words to really express my thanks, I hope that you know that the words I do use are heartfelt and sincere. Until next week.

Praising God and rocking babies,

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