Sunday, October 26, 2008

I loved them enough...

to catch this sickness...

2 weeks later…

My last letter to you feels like a lifetime ago. How will I fit all the events of those many days into one entry? More importantly, in the midst of so much information, will my passion still stand out? I will do my best.

On Saturday of 2 weeks ago several of us set out on a hike to a waterfall in the area. It wasn’t very far and BEAUTIFUL once we go there. It began as a tiny trickle in the middle of huge riverbed and grew and grew. By the time we reached the actual falls a few of us were already soaked. At the site of the falls there is a rock wall that leads up to the top. Any of you who really know me know that of course I would have to climb to the top of that wall! I have never been much of a rock climber. You know those set walls with the perfectly strategically places had and foot holds and the nice safe harness? I usually get about halfway up those and then freeze on the spot. This wall had no nice hand and footholds, and there was no safe harness or rope in sight, but I was not to be deterred. I was going to climb that wall. After a few attempts I found myself at the top of the waterfall. Looking down the 10 feet I had just climbed didn’t seem nearly as high, but it my defense it was almost completely vertical! 2 other adventurers had also made the climb and we hiked further in, following the river until we came to a point where we could walk not further. Tropical trees and plants, just the 3 of us in this amazing creation! You feel the greatness of God in a place like that!

Sunday night we celebrated thanksgiving. I am surrounded by Canadians here and though the timing of the holiday was off for me I’m not going to complain about turkey and pumpkin pie! We followed the meal with a time of praise and worship. Acapella, we were a group of believers brought together by a calling to Haiti and a passion to follow it. That night was one of my favorite times here so far.

In the week following Thanksgiving we sent home 2 boys from the toddler house. Visas to the United States seem to be the ones we are receiving lately. These boys being the 4th and 5th U.S. adoptions since I have been here. It is encouraging to see but the US visa has been giving so much trouble lately it is still such a frustration process to watch. Being here, knowing these little people, I see how much they need to be at home. It is heartbreaking to see a little 3 year old baby without his Mommy and Daddy. Please pray for the adoption process here. Pray for strong government officials to step up and for hearts to soften to the lives that they affect so deeply.

With children going home the cycle at GLA continues. Another new little one was brought into our care. DL is a little girl around 2 years old. She was very underweight and depressed when she came to us and after a few days we were forced to put her on a feeding tube and Iv. Since then she has come off her iv and has begun eating a small bit on her own. She is still on the feeding tube because she is not taking any liquids and she is still very sad. I find myself pulled to this little baby girl. Yesterday I sat with her for quite a while and she gave me lots of kisses but still does not smile. I know that GLA will give her a hope that she couldn’t have had otherwise but she will take some time to adjust. Please pray for DL.

We also had a little girl this past week that passed away before reaching out gates. She had been born 2 months prematurely and was on her way to GLA when she died. I am told that is not uncommon for this to happen. That GLA will get a call asking them to take a child only to have that baby die in the tap-tap on the way up the mountain. I know that that little baby is safe and whole now but it made me think a lot. In the states we have children born in hospitals with every resource available at their fingertips and so sometimes they live, but sometimes they die. And here we have babies born on dirt floors, with nothing to turn to if things go wrong and also sometimes they live. But often times they die. Because they live though, I know that God is in this place. He has planned a course for each of these children. He chooses to give them a life for a very specific purpose. To be a part of this place, to help them become the people they are to be in the purpose He gave me. I am alive for this work! What an incredible idea that is.

Last weekend we went for a drive up the mountains to a place called Kenscoff. From a lookout spot there you can see all of Haiti. From the Port of Prince shipyard to the mountain range that borders the Dominican Republic. It is easily one of the most amazing spots I have ever stood. On the way back down to the orphanage we stopped and got an awesome lunch. We ate a Haitian feast of Pork, Akra, Sweet Potatoes, and Picklies. DELICIOUS! A great day. We lost and added volunteers again this week. Pam and Heather are both gone. We added to out numbers Janet from the Midwest and El and Mark from Seattle. The balcony feels very full!

I got pink eye! A lot of kids at the toddler house have had it and when you come out in the morning and they climb up on your lap you can’t push them away. I think that catching the yuckies just means that I am loving them fully! However it is an uncomfortable thing to deal with. Please pray for a quick healing so I can get back to normal soon! The chicken pox are still making their rounds. Babies are sick and itchy. It hasn’t been serious at all, which I am very thankful for but it is still a situation that we would like to resolve quickly. Please pray for healing. We also have visas for 3 little girls that we hope to receive this week. They have had quite a bit of trouble in the last weeks with this adoption and now it seems the end might finally be in sight. There are still a few things that could hold this up so please pray faithfully for this. Pray especially on Tuesday as the adoptive parents fly to Haiti and on Wednesday and Thursday as they have appointments with the officials that decide this matter. Every hour on the hour I have a new child in my care. I like to begin my hour with them praying over their lives. I pray for their families, in Haiti and around the world. I pray for their health and for their strength and for the adults they will become. If you note these times and pray with me I know that great things will happen. When 2 or more are gathered in prayer the Lord is among them. I don’t believe we have to be in the same place for that to happen.

This week I continue to love my babies. I get to watch them grow and fall more in love with them each day. I am eternally grateful for these months I will have with them, and I am grateful to all of you for helping this happen. My computer is in the state right now being repaired and that makes the updates harder to write but I will do my best to keep you all up to date.

Serving My Purpose,

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