Thursday, May 28, 2009

He Still Does

Did you know that the God we serve still raises the dead?

I do.

I know because I've seen it...

Meet Jonathon

Three weeks ago, for several minutes, Jonathon was dead.

Baby Jonathon was brought to us by a desperate mother who had wandered the streets near our home for hours begging people she met along the way to help her! Jonathon's twin brother had died that morning and after he passed away his mother set out to do whatever she could to save her remaining child. Finally someone with a vehicle saw her and drove her to our gates. On admission Jonathon weighed 2lbs 15 oz and was so severely hypothermic, that his temperature would not even register on a thermometer. Within the gates of God’s Littlest Angels, a true miracle was granted. As word spread of our special baby, believers all around the world cried out and God saw fit to save the life of our sweet baby Jonathon.

The night staff here had been stimulating Jonathon all night just to get him to breathe. He was in very critical condition and almost everyone was sure that he would not live through the next day. As morning aproached an urgent prayer request was sent out as the nurses upstairs were resuscitating him. He was not breathing at all on his own. His heart rate was irregular. He was at the point where Dixie truly did not think he would live. None of us did!
Jonathon’s birth mother, who lives in our area, was contacted and we asked her to please come and talk to us. She did not want to come because she thought he had already died. We told her that he was still alive but she was convinced that we were tricking her, trying to get her to come claim his body. After speaking to our social worker several times she did come and saw him and told Dixie that surely he was as good as dead. She said that his color was dark, he wasn't moving, and he wasn't breathing! By this time, the nurses had been breathing for him for over 2 hours!

During this whole time Dixie was back and forth to her office where she had been emailing with a nurse practitioner in the States who was an adoptive mother of one of our children. She was giving suggestions about what to do but we did not have everything we needed. Many of the medications she suggested, we just did not have. Things are so different here in Haiti. To think that lives are lost every day because we can't always get the drugs that are so desperately needed is heartbreaking.

Dixie had told Susan, our nurse from Scotland and Mme Bernard our head Haitian nurse to stop resuscitation when they felt like it wasn't doing any good. During this time everyone here was praying. Several of us had gathered in a circle and were crying out to God for Jonathon's life, we knew that if Jonathon were to live, it would surely be a miracle! Dixie have even told his mother before left that only God could save Jonathon and she needed to pray for a miracle! However, in his mother’s mind, he was gone. God was not going to bring him back.

Did you know that God answers, even the most far fetched prayers, if we truly believe? Did you know that sometimes, He answers them even when we don't? To be honest with you, I did not believe that God would save Jonathon that Tueseday morning. In my prayer I did not ask for healing, I asked him to please take Jonathon quickly and to relieve him of his pain. But that was not His will that day! As we prayed outside and Dixie sat in her office praying and searching for what to do next, God put into her head the name of one more drug, Aminophyllin! We did not have Caffeine or Theophyllin, but we did have a drug in the Theophyllin family and what could it hurt to try this?

Dixie went upstairs and began preparing the dosage and getting the medicine ready when Mme Bernard came and told her they had stopped CPR on him. She finished getting the medication drawn up and went into the NICU where Susan was holding him. Since the medication was already prepared Dixie wanted to at least try it before giving up! Just after Dixie announced this plan Jonathon made a noise that was hauntingly familiar to too many in that room, it was a gasp, of air leaving his lungs, after which he stopped breathing. Dixie injected the medicine and told the staff that if he did not respond, then they would let him go.

Three minutes later, he took a breath and then another! His heart rate went up and he started moving his arms and legs. A few minutes after that he opened his eyes!!!

Today, Jonathon is ALIVE and Stable! He has graduated from the incubator to an open crib and he is nursing all of his feeds! Jonathon weighs almost 4lbs! His mother had to be forced to come back and when she found out He was alive she was ecstatic! She could not believe it. Dixie told Jonathon’s mother that families in France, Holland, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Canada, and the USA were praying for a miracle for Jonathon and God heard those prayers and gave us a Miracle! Already, Jonathon’s life has been a testimony to those around him. God used this tiny child to show himself to his people. God proved to me, even in my unbelief, that He holds in his hands every breath of these ones that I love. What a blessed assurance He has given me at such a time that I need it the most!

Reassured and Amazed,

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