Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fix This

In my time here in Haiti I have seen many people come and go. Diffrent people with diffrent mindsets. One thing I have seen too much of in this short time is the number of people coming here thinking that they are going to “fix” Haiti. Often times setting out, although probably not consciously,with an idea that Haiti needs to become like North America. That they can solve the problems with a band-aid made of money. Being here, seeing Haiti, I know that is not what she needs. Yes Haiti is a poor place. Things happen here that would never happen in the United States. But Haiti is not the United States. Haiti is Haiti. She had a people with a rich culture. A people who love to sing and dance and who are so genuine when they speak to each other that they hold the hands of the person they are speaking to. They look into each other’s eyes, in North America that seems to be a very uncommon thing. We find it uncomfortable when someone looks so deeply at us. What is it that we are trying to hide?
Haiti needs help, that is a fact. But does she need to be fixed? Maybe she just needs to grow. This week made me very conscious of this idea. Since being at GLA I have seen many babies go home, a few weeks ago it was two 5 year old boys. But this week we sent home 3 girls. Sisters, almost 4, 7 and 9 years old. Tonight they will fall asleep in beds that have been waiting for them for many months. But it is unfamiliar. I wonder if they miss their rooms at the orphanage, where their closest friends are always just a few feet away. I wonder if they find it hard to fall asleep without the dogs barking in the distance and the sounds from the homes around them. The muffled Creole words seeping through the walls. I wonder how long before they start forgetting.

I am so excited for the things these girls will be blessed with in their lives. The oldest sister, at 9 years old, has experienced a life in her years in Haiti that would make most adults give up hope, things that will probably never leave her. But now she has been given a new chance! She and her sisters are going to a home with a mom and a dad who have prayed for them. Who have worked with everything they have for them. They will give them everything a child needs to grow up. Never will they wonder when they will eat again. They will have a home, and when someone asks them what they want to be when they grow up they can pick anything, ANYTHING and know that it is possible. Best of all they will grow up to know Jesus. I overheard a conversation between this father and his new daughters on his first night here. They stood in front of a statue of Jesus, he pointed to it and said “you know who this is? This is Jesus, He loves you very much and He gave you to me to take care of you”

From the next room where I was trying not to listen in on this private moment I wiped tears from my eyes. I am convinced that this is going to be the best possible family for these girls. They were chosen twice, by this man and woman who would become their mommy and daddy, and by God. He chose them for these 2 people, to be a family, and He chose them for Him, to do His work. 3 girls went home today to a place where they will grow up, a place that will give them the a chance to be anything they want to be. But they also left a home today. A place where they were born, a place where, also they grew up. A place, I pray will never leave them. I prayed a prayer over them that I pray for every child here. I prayed that God will bless them as they grow. I prayed that He would give them a love for their families. That he would make them happy. I prayed that he would give them talents and energy to do amazing things. On top of all of this I prayed that He would give them a passion for their first home. God has filled me with this passion for Haiti having never known the place, how much more could he do with one of her own children.

The babies of Haiti, like every other country are the hope for the future. But that future will not exist unless they return to her. They must leave to get the resources to do the work that Haiti needs, but they will need the courage to return to do that work. They are the ones who understand the most what I see, that this is a beautiful land that needs, not to be fixed, but to grow.

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