Monday, December 8, 2008

I Prayed For This Child

A greeting again to the ones I love, This may be the most exciting update I have ever written. This week I am convinced of the power of prayer more than ever! Usually I try to work up to my good news but I can’t do it this time. S is AMAZING! Last week when I asked you all to pray for this special little boy I knew I could count on you. And now it is my pleasure to be able to share with you what prayer has done in just this short time. Friday morning I went into the nursery and S was standing outside his crib holding on to the rails. When I walked in the door he looked up and saw me and proceeded to WALK holding on to his crib rails all the way across the room to where I was standing…all the while with a huge grin on his face! This may not sound like a big thing to many of you but believe me this is a huge milestone for him. I stood in the room with tears streaming down my face. I was completely helpless to stop them. The nannies were all staring but I could do nothing about it. God is so good to me. I have been so discouraged by S & S's situation that I have to admit that I haven’t always been praying with the faith that should have had. It almost felt like God had forgotten about these kids. Well this past week erased all of those doubts from my mind. God is working everything in His timing and now I am reminded of that, He decided to grace me with little signs that He is hearing our prayers even when I feel like He isn’t!

At Joel and Yvonne’s house on Sundays Joel has been teaching about the power of prayers and it is so fitting at this time in my life. God is speaking to ME personally! I feel so secure in Him today because I know that He is moving in my life and because of that I have nothing to fear. I have no fear for the future, I don’t have to worry about what will happen in June when I have to make so many decisions, because I know that He is in the middle of all of it and that is my comfort! I love knowing that God is The One making S grow. I take no credit for the progress he has made except to know that I have prayed. God put strength in his legs and in his mind to do the things he needs to do. God gave S amazing nannies to care for him, they encourage him and care for him and love his for 23 hours out of every day! The time I spend with my babies is amazing but I am not the most important person in their lives! Every time I have gone in the nursery since Friday S has been standing up with his nanny at his side! God put these beautiful women in S's life to do the work he needs. I spend an hour, they spend everything they have! I know that they also love him, they take care of him, they worry about him and they pray for him! God is taking care of him through them! What peace that brings!

Since I have such good news with S most everything else I have to report seems pale. This weekend we baked Christmas cookies with some of the bigger kids at the baby house. They each got frosting and cookie cutters and went to town! They had such a good time and I got some adorable pictures of them having moments that every little baby should get. At the end of the night we shared our creations with the nannies and the kids in the big nursery! I love watching those little babies covered in crumbs eating their cookies with such enthusiasm! How sweet!

The GLA baby boom continues! We had another 8 kids brought to us. 6 boys and 2 little girls over the last 2 weeks. Everyone seems very happy and surprisingly healthy. I pray that they will continue to be joyful at GLA and that they will grow strong and be prepared for some very special families! 3 more families where untied with their kids as well and we expect 2 more this afternoon! I will never get tired of seeing that! Please pray for their adjustments.

I invited you to all PLEASE keep praying for the situation with S & S's birth mother. I know that God hears our prayers. He is showing me that He is still in this situation and I am renewed because of it. I want to have an even better report for you next time I write. Please pray also for Ella. She has been sick for about a week now with a bad ear infection and I just pray that she will be healthy again soon. And, as always please pray for my strength here. My scabies and ringworm are both fading and I am very thankful for that but I need prayers that I will not be infected again! What a miserable time I have had! Please pray for my spirit; although I am filled with joy today there are still moments of discouragement in my work. Please pray that I will stay joyful and energized for my work here.

Praying for babies,

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