Monday, July 27, 2009

Not Me Monday

There is a wonderful blog that I follow by MckMama, who hosts a "blog carnival" called "Not Me Mondays". A place where you can unapologetically "confess" to the moments of weakness in your days! I have always been a fan...reading and laughing out loud at what others will confess too...this week I decided to give it a try myself. So without further adieu...Not Me Monday....

Right now I am NOT still in my pajamas. (It is not 5pm!) I am not going to use the excuse that I spent the entire day packing and cleaning and so the sweatpants and tee shirt I slept in are perfectly acceptable.

I did NOT actually spend most of the afternoon watching re-runs of John & Kate + 8, rather than said packing and cleaning.

Last week I did NOT reward myself for a nice long bike ride workout, with an ice cream cone from Ruby's that surely had twice the amount of calories I had just burnt off. And it was most definitely not just before I came home and ate an entire meal. No I always follow a strict, well balanced and responsible diet. That's me!

I am not so obsessively missing Haiti that I check the blog of someone I know who is there right now at least 5 times a day....that would be crazy. Not me.

And speaking of Haiti, I did NOT burst into tears during church on Sunday, TWICE, because for the first time since returning from GLA I was able to hold a baby. (A baby who I must add, is NOT the cutest child I have ever seen in the USA!)

I am NOT counting the hours right now until Wednesday because 2 of my very favorite people and fellow Haiti lovers, Anna and Jane are NOT coming to visit me for 2 full, mango sucker filled days! (that's right girls I've been saving some just for this occasion!) This is not the most exciting moment of my summer so far! :)

And finally, I am not counting as a close second my excitement for the Bachelorette season finale! Whoohoo! Any other Ed fans out there??

MckMama is right...that does feel good. What things did you all "not" do this week?

Oh and a P.S. That I have been meaning to share, I did NOT "accidentally on purpose" fall off the moving sidewalk in the Atlanta airport on my way home from Haiti, dropping all my bags and scattering my personal items just because it had been such a crappy day that I just really needed to see some people laugh. Not me, Never!

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