Thursday, December 3, 2009

Home Again

As another holiday season approaches and another year comes to an end, we look ahead at what will come. I am overjoyed to share with you that in January of 2010 I will once again return to the land of my heart. In just a few short weeks I will hold in my hands, one more time the children I treasure and the hope of the future of Haiti. I count the seconds!
This trip to God’s Littlest Angels will be different than any other for me, because on this trip I will be sharing my love with dear friends. I will be leading a team to serve in Haiti for seven days. Not only am I looking forward to being back with my babies but also, I am incredibly excited to introduce people I love to this passion I have.
January 10th our journey will begin, taking us through Miami and into Petionville, Haiti. I can already feel the air on my skin! We will be welcomed into GLA and each assigned eight babies that will be “ours” for the time that we are there. We will hold, love and encourage them for hours every day. We will also have a chance to help with building and maintenance projects at all of the mission houses, along with the building site for the new orphanage. We will spend time with the older children at The Toddler House giving them the love and attention they so desperately crave. I can picture the scenes so clearly in my mind and I just cannot wait to share sweet moments with friends who have followed my missions over the last few years. They have seen photos and now they will have their own pictures to treasure!
As always I covet your prayers at this time. Throughout my moments in Haiti I have seen the power of prayer in mind-blowing ways. Rice in a bag that the night before was empty. Generators and power when there just shouldn’t be. Powerful protection in times of fear. And even breath in the body of a tiny child, where just moments before life was slipping away. Nothing in missions or in everyday life will be more powerful than prayer and communication with our Mighty Lord. I trust in Him for all our needs and I ask all of you to join me in calling out to him at this time.
Another, very exciting, way you can join me this time around is physically! I have spaces left for both men and women to join our team. Perhaps God is calling you to go? Young or old, it makes no difference you can serve! Generally we will spend our time with small babies in an outdoor playroom furnished with rocking chairs bright toys. In addition there are many opportunities for those with special skills. Construction at the new site is constant and anyone with knowledge in that area would be a wonderful help. GLA is a mission that provides care for medically fragile children and nursing skills are very much appreciated and always put to use. Another beautiful talent the children would love is music. The babies love to dance and sing! Last year a man brought his guitar for a week and spent every afternoon playing for the kids, they loved it! Everyone has something to bring and if you are feeling called to join us on this trip please let me know so I can get more information to you.
I have so much excitement surrounding this next trip, especially in knowing that I am introducing others to my passion. It is my desire to help financially, anyone who wants to join me on this mission. In the last year I have been committed to a savings account dedicated to Haiti because I knew in my heart I could never stay away. God has blessed my financially when it comes to this mission. Never have I lacked for any need. Rarely have I even been denied desires. I also have the desire to help others whom God has called on this trip to make it possible! The Lord has used all of you to provide the means for me to continue in this work. I am so eager to move forward in this journey and to share with all of you every step of the way! All of you, in your willingness to obey his call make this passion possible. I am forever thankful for your faithfulness thus far! To donate checks can be sent directly to me Rhyan Buettner 2947 N 27th Ave #25 Bozeman, MT 59718 or to God’s Littlest Angels 2085 Crystal River Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80915 with Rhyan Buettner in the memo. You can also donate via paypal here on my blog. I thank you in advance for once again helping make my mission possible!

In His Plans,

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