Monday, December 28, 2009

My Hero

Anna is my hero

I've mentioned before but it just has to be said. My hero is a 20 year old young woman who has done more in her life that most people will ever dream of. She is servant, an amazing friend, a heart willing to follow wherever she is called and a "mama" to those most in need. Anna gives me something to aspire to. Anna gives me hope. Anna has taught me more about love in action than anyone I have ever met. I am so incredibly blessed to know her and barely worthy to call her my friend.

Anna was Mama to Berlancia . She is truly my inspiration. Anna has a love for babies with HIV and AIDS. She has a heart for the little ones with needs that makes the world turn their backs. She gives a face to the person I hope and pray I will be someday.

Anna is strong. She is willing to give her entire heart to whatever child God entrusts her with. She doesn't hold back in fear, just gives them everything she can for whatever time she's given. She is the strongest person I have ever known.

A Mama Found

God put in her arms a baby and asked,
"will you love this little one"
She looked in those eyes and her heart was lost.
In a second His will was done.

For a day or for and hour,
a week, a month, a year,
every second He gave was a treasure
every laugh and every tear.

For such a place and time as this,
her heart has been prepared.
For each and every precious baby,
who ever needed someone who cared.

For kisses given, Comfort shared,
a cheer when new skill abound.
A child who's hurt, a heart to heal
A mama needed found.

I have discovered a hero,
one who inspires me to grow.
I have found a friend who has taught me to love,
more than she'll ever know.

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