Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Small, Small World

This week I am home in Minnesota for Christmas. As is almost always the case when I come home I've run into a lot of people who I haven't seen in a while. Living in a small town I have gotten pretty used to this. Yesterday's encounter however, beats all I've had. My mom and I decided to go out for a drink after she got off work. No sooner than we were seated at our table than a woman that we used to go to church with came up to us. She knew I had been at GLA and she asked me if I knew a baby named Daphnee who had been at the orphanage last year. Her best friends family had adopted a little girl from God's Littlest Angels last fall. Did I remember her?? Of course I did! How could I forget this sweet face??
I remember very clearly the day she came to us. Just a tiny bundle, 5lbs of sweetness. What I remember most about that day was Daphnee's papa. When he placed her in our arms he cried. It was the first time I had ever seen open emotion from a Haitian parent. Yes, I had seen pain in their eyes and a tremble in their empty arms, but never a tear. This man changed that for me. He loved his little girl so much that his pride meant nothing. He didn't hold back! I held his daughter and as with all of our babies I prayed with all my heart over her. I prayed that she would have the life her Papa imagines when he closes his eyes to sleep at night. I prayed she would find a new Mommy and a new Daddy. Parents who, though could never take his place, would be the family her Papa longed for her. I prayed her parents would teach her where she came from and how to get where she is going. I prayed they would allow her to love the country she was raise up out of and the parents who gave everything they could to give her a chance. I prayed they would raise her up to know and love Jesus above all else.
The prayers that I prayed over Daphnee are not different from the ones I prayed over every baby of GLA that I have held and loved. The dreams her Papa had are the same every parent who places their most precious child in our care has. What is different about Daphnee is that tomorrow I will witness firsthand how God is answering those prayers in her life.
When my friend found out that I did indeed know Daphnee she gave my phone number to her family. Daphnee was brought to us with special needs that enabled her to come to the USA to recieve medical treatment. Since she came on a medical visa she was escorted out of Haiti by the director of GLA, Dixie. Because of this her adoptive parents have never been to GLA. They have not had the blessing of experiencing their daughter's first home like so many adoptive parents have. They have only blank months. This afternoon I spoke on the phone with Daphnee's Mommy. It was a beautiful connection. I was able to tell her a little bit about what Haiti and God's Littlest Angels is like. However, a phone conversation just isn't enough. Knowing we are SO close to each other right now we just had to make plans to meet in person! Tomorrow at 9 am I will see and hold Daphnee again!
When a volunteer or child leaves GLA it is pretty much understood that the chances of ever meeting up again is very slim. Tomorrow I will do something I never though I would. I will hold Daphnee in my arms again. I will sit and talk to her Mama and I will get to know this precious family! I will braid hair again ;)
Tonight I feel like a little kid on Christmas Eve, I don't know how I will possibly sleep. I pray for the hours to fly!
I'll let you all know how it goes!


Rebekah Hubley said...

How cool Rhyan!!! I can't wait to see new pics of this little angel! I prayed for her so much... God is so good!!!

Anonymous said...

My heart is breaking for the people of Haiti. Daphne's Family are dear friends of mine and she has a loving and incredible family! I saw her Daddy today and asked him what I could do to assist-he gave me your blogspot. I have put your plea "LET THE CHILDREN GO" on my facebook, sent it as a email to everyone in my address book and phoned the two Senators and the Represnetative for South Dakota. I soul wish that there was more that I could do right now to help. I am sending you hugs from the Prairie in South Dakota and holding all of you safe in my heart. I am praying that the much needed relief arrives soon. What more can I do?
Kay Marie