Monday, December 14, 2009

Today I Will Trust

I am learning to trust. I've been learning all my Christian life. Some days I feel like I've got it down. Others I think I'm right back at the beginning. Today it is just less than one month until I am supposed to leave for Haiti again and I am still unable to buy my plane ticket. I try to trust that God is in control, but instead I worry. Last night I didn't sleep, I laid awake and thought about how devastated I was going to be to cancel this trip. The disappointment for the other people who have signed up for this life changing adventure. My empty arms. Talking about finances is such an uncomfortable subject, but the truth cannot be ignored, none of my missions to Haiti have ever been possible without help. The specifics are this, I need $700.00 USD for plane tickets, as of today I have almost $400.00. The rest of the cost will be around $500.00. Once again I rely on others to support my work there. I trust that God has given me this mission for His purpose, but I need to learn to allow Him to make it happen. Today I will strive to trust. I refuse to worry. I will not cry and I will not despair. He did not chose to give me this work not to have it come about. Today, I will trust!

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