Friday, January 29, 2010


"They are desperate for tents right now" - Heard on Larry King Live tonight.

Don't you love camping. You pack up your "grub" clothes. You get to eat only food you can cook over a fire. You get to sleep outside. How can you not embrace the adventure of camping?

But what about when "camping" becomes your entire life? What about when you have no choice but to sleep outside. What about where there is a fire but no food to cook on it? What about then. Where is the fun and adventure when camping is no longer a choice, but every day for as far as you can see.

That is the reality of Haitians again tonight. Their "tents" are bed-linens, plywood and sheets of metal. Tonight the skies are dry. But is just a few short weeks the rain will come. Rain in Haiti is like none I have ever felt. Sometimes it rains so hard it is painful when the drops hit your skin. I have seen roads turned to raging rivers in a matter of seconds. Dry riverbeds heave with torrential waves after only a few minutes of downpour.

Have you ever woken up after a rainy night of camping and experienced the miserableness of everything being damp? How many times have you just packed up and headed home at that point? Soon the Haitian will face even more hell. Pain on top of pain. Uncomfortable circumstances that would break any one of us down in a matter of seconds. I am in awe of their strength. I honestly do not know how much they can take. They seem unbreakable. Resilient to everything that could possibly be thrown their way.

And here I sit. With my running water, cable TV and space heater at my feet. Dreaming about the camping trips of my youth. The tents we used once or twice a year are better than the living conditions of the people I love. Oh, how it hurts.

What can you do? Can you buy a tent? More than one? I HATE feeling SO helpless. It seems so small but the truth is is could become the home of a family that needs shelter from the storm. I am sending some, will you?

If you would like to donate a tent to house a family in Haiti please send them to
God's Littlest Angels
2085 Crystal River Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80915

*Photos taken by James Dindin, of what is left of his family home.

Tonight they are not camping, they are just living...

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Eternal Lizdom said...

I've continued my personal crusade (to keep the stories and pictures alive and relevant and in people's faces- my facebook page is full of links to blogs and articles) and my frequent prayers- for the big issues and for the individual stories I read.

You know... we bought a tent when we got married and I don't think we've ever even used it once. I bet I could send that along... if I can find it.