Sunday, January 10, 2010

I do NOT <3 NY

Now where do they sell that version of the shirt? Last night consisted of getting ourselves, along with all of our luggage, from LaGuardia to JFK. Upon arrival we were found in a cold, dirty room with nothing but cement floors. Not an outlet to be seen…. It made me long for the dark, quiet, carpeted area under the computer desks at Ft Lauderdale where I usually spend my nights before a flight to Haiti. I spoke to Brandon (who is flying through FL and meeting up with us in Haiti) he had found “my spot”. Jealous! Mo and I spent several hours shivering on the floor outside the elevators finally able to get in line to check into our flight at 4am! Now we wait. 2 ½ hours before we can board. I look at what surrounds me. Starbucks, 10 Min Manicure, Dunkin Donuts. I feel like I should be jumping at the chance for these last minute “luxuries” but I don’t want any of it. I want Papitas and Tampico. I want Pate and Haitian coffee for breakfast. This world I’m in has nothing to offer. The things I used to count so important have dissolved. All I once loved has faded into a new passion, it’s made me a new person. All I need to be complete is the weight of a precious baby boy, who I miss more than words can describe, in my arms. I want to fall asleep to tropical thunderstorms outside my window. I want to wake up to the roosters crowing and the sound of soft voices speaking the language of my heart. Tomorrow I will. In just a few hours I will hold that baby boy. I will ride in a car over crazy roads, clutching my lime, which the Haitian’s have taught me is the greatest cure of motion sickness. I will be fulfilled. How could it be that I serve a Jesus who knows and loves me so much that He would grant me my deepest desires? I am so thankful! I feel like I’m floating, even with the world’s heaviest pack strapped to my back! Nothing can knock me off this cloud I am on!

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