Saturday, January 23, 2010

I dream

I write to you from Minnesota. Some consider it my home, but right now I am gone from the home that was placed in my heart. I hate being away. I hate that I am not there for those ladies during each and every aftershock that stops their hearts for those seconds. I hate that I am not there to comfort them. But in the last 2 days I was a part of the most amazing I could ever dream, sometimes it still feels like a dream. Then I look upstairs at the little piece of Haiti I brought home with me. The only thing that heals my broken heart. I can not wait to tell you all about the last 4 days. It feels like a lifetime. Tonight though, I will sleep. and I will dream of those I love and left behind. In my dreams is when I can go back there, to the Haiti I once knew and loved. The Haiti that I fear I will never see rise again. I pray it's not true. I pray these people, those strongest people I have ever known, will grow and heal. I pray for Haiti and I dream of the streets I once knew rebuilt again, lined with the faces of vendors I came to love. Tonight in my dreams I am there again.


Pat said...

Your hearts desire will be answered at some time.....the Lord is in control.

Rebekah Hubley said...

Rhyan--are you going back to GLA soon? praying for you and praising God that kerderns made it out!!!!! god is sooooooo good! how is he doing with everything so new?

Melanie said...

Rhyan I can only imagine what it was like to be with so many children going to meet their forever families and going to their new homes! But I thought you were going back to Haiti, when I read your last blog you spoke about going back and taking supplies, so I can also only imagine how you must feel when you didn't go back to Haiti but went to Minnesota instead. I will pray for you and look forward to hearing the stories you have to share
May God wrap you in His arms tonight
love Melanie

Catherine said...

Thanks Rhyan for all what you have done overthere.... you are a beutifull person. How is doing you little brother ? already beggining to adjust ?
Here in France we are fightind, us the 950 families waiting for a kid in Haiti. 33 only arrived Friday and 76 should arrive this WE... but what about the others ? what about my daughter, I don't know yet. The is such a pain....

Beth said...

Thank you for what you do. I hope you get to go back home, too.

Karen said...

I emailed you the other day regarding sending supplies to the orphanage. My husband is in the military and we are stationed overseas-my kids school are doing a donation drive starting next week for your orphanage-or if you have a contact for another orphanage that we could send stuff to also! We really want to help! Please email me at or (actually if you could send to both-in case I'm not at work!) thanks!!!

Karen Ford

Jane said...

Dear Rhyan,
I am SO touched by your writings and filled with JOY to read and see your Haiti. I am so proud of the God-Filled woman you have become! I am lifting you and your beloved Haiti up in prayer: "Heavenly Father, Blow over and through all of Haiti with Your Love. Heal this land and Your beloved people and BIND satan from all relief effort, ALL of Haiti and it's people, forever. May Your True Joy grow and spread for all the world to know. In Jesus' Name, Amen!"
May all who read this, pray this prayer OUTLOUD, so that satan may flee and God's protection may be done.
Greet your family, Rhyan, from Rob and Jane.
In Christ's Love,

Brittnei said...

RHYAN! I have been checking hourly for updates on your fb or on here.. I am sorry to hear you are back "home" and I can only imagine your frustration with that. I bet you are an amazing assest to K's transition and I am extremly happy for your family.
I continue to pray for your strenght. YOu are amazing. With love,
Britt xo

Anonymous said...

As Britt wrote, I too have been checking every hour or so praying there will be an update from you. My heart broke and the tears came hard last night when I read you were in Minnesota. I will not even pretend to understand what you are thinking and the pain your heart is going through. Just know that I admire you SO MUCH, I am thankful that I know you and have been able to read about your amazing journey, and I will continue to pray for you and your heart that God would send you home soon and with more strength and love than before. I hope when you woke up this morning seeing KJ made you a little bit happy. You will forever get to hold a small piece to the Haiti you love. I'm sure you are a great comfort to him as he wakes up in a new place, but with a famillar face who always kissed him goodnight!

Much Love & Many Prayers,

J. Buettner said...

I know you long for Haiti. I know you're longing to be back but I need a couple more days at least to learn some creole and to enjoy your interactions with Kerderns. For all who are wondering, he is doing well, still very tired and I am sure confused and sad to be away from the only home he has ever known. I am so thankful for all the nannies and volunteers who have been his Haiti family for the past 2 years. Please pray for these people as I'm sure their hearts are heavy. Praise God, my son and is home and my daughter is visiting from her home, Haiti.

Jon Buetter (Kerdern's PAPA!)