Tuesday, January 5, 2010

If we could see what she sees

Sabrina has been on my mind lately. I'm not sure why. Friday it will be 6 months since Sabrina was healed. 6 months, it seems in the blink of an eye, have passed and the world still goes on. In fact, since the few weeks after Sabrina's service I can count the times I have truly lost myself in memories of her. This week, for some reason she has come back to me. Perhaps it is because I am preparing to return to Haiti, the last place I held her in my arms. Perhaps it is because this past week I have heard of 7 sweet children dying in Haiti. 7 stories I know and countless I do not. 7 babies, fought and prayed for. 7 babies held and warm, 7 little ones who are now in the glory of heaven. We grieve and we hurt, they never will again. We cry tears over pain, they will never again experience sadness. If we could only see what they see today! My heart is broken for the lives so many children live, the pain they endure is just not fair! This week I heard the story of a 13 year old girl who died of a form of malnutrition. A young woman who starved to death! Can you imagine the feelings she felt in her last days? Have you ever been hungry, I mean, really truly hungry? Can you imagine that feeling in the pit of your stomach every day for your entire life? Can you imagine the despair of feeling that need and having no idea when, or if it will ever be satisfied? Can you think about being a mother and watching your beloved child die such a horrible death? I can not!

I look back on thing I have see and stories I have heard and it is easy to remember the pain. It is easy to see the hurt of Haiti, what isn't quite as easy to focus on and to remember are the promises of our Savior for these little ones. Yes, it is devastating the living conditions and deaths of so many but it would be more devastating to allow my focus to remain on that. Instead I look towards the promises of a Jesus who loves His people, One who understands and grieves along with us for their suffering. One who gently lifts them from the hurt of this world into His eternal glory. Never again to feel the pain this life brings. No more hunger no more tears. How sweet that day must be. How complete and whole they are today. The strength to run and play like children should. I can not wait to see for myself the things Sabrina and all those other babies are seeing today. To be in the presence of my Jesus forever! To be wrapped in His arms. To hold her again! The pain of Haiti is clearly visible, undeniable. I see it every time I close my eyes. But today, instead of remembering the pain I pray I will focus on the the promise. I want to see what she sees!

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