Thursday, January 14, 2010

Let Your Children Go

URGENT!!!! Please spread this word..Put it in your Facebook status, send emails to anyone you can think of! Tell the person in line behind you at the grocery store! I know you are all at home feeling helpless, wondering what you can do. You CAN help right now! There are talks of humanitarian visas for all children in adoption process at this point!! We need EVERYONE to call whoever you can...senators, red cross, everyone. We need to pressure them to push this issue! Demand that the children be released! Please people, start calling! The space we have will be DESPERATELY needed for new orphans soon! Jesus please, let some good come out of this...let your children go!


Abby said...

Its on my facebook status. Also just got done emailing and calling everyone I could think of!! Praying with you!!!

Anonymous said...

Rhyan, we do whatever we can to let our children go!
I pray and think so much to all of you and all desperate people in Haïti.

Anonymous said...


We just called our senators. We are Jill and Joe's Wilkins parents. We are praying and praying for all of you. Sharon Wilkens

Anonymous said...

I'm praying for all of you and the whole nation down there, I'll pass this info along to they'll pass the word.
You are in my prayers and in my heart.
Love you and are SO proud.
Aunt Teresa Z.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rhyan! You don't know me, I am Moriah's sister, Stephanie. You are in the Chronicle this morning! whoopee, I know. Would it be alright if I paste your last entry into the comments after the web version? Make sense? Lot's of ppl. praying for you guys. Give Auntie Wiah a big hug from me and the Munch. Isn't she great! :) Blessings, courage, and even some joy thrown in to you all...

Brittnei said...

Hey love! I have posted on fb, sent it out to the GLA prayer list and everyone on my email. I will look into calling Canadian officials just not sure who to target right now.
Thinking of you constantly and praying hard!
With love and concern,

Annalee said...

Hi Rhyan,
I am Moriah's cousin, Annalee. I am thinking a ton about the work that you do and the wonderful and precious children you are caring for in Haiti. I will post something to my facebook and call the senators here in Colorado.
Take care of yourself and continue to believe in the work you do. I am in awe.

Julie S. said...

Praying for strength and resolve for you and all of the people in Haiti and those who have the ability to help in any way. Your post is on my fb, and I sent a personal message to my friends. God be with you and the children! Julie S. Pelican Rapids