Monday, January 4, 2010

A Little Bit Of Haiti...At Home

Last Wednesday my mom and I met with Ti Daphnee and her family, it was amazing! I couldn't believe how much she had changed and how she was exactly the same! Her skin has gotten darker and her hair has grown so much. She's had a much needed surgery! She was just beautiful! I was able to sit with her Mom, Aunt and Grandma and just talk about what she was like when she was little and get to know her personality today! I even did her hair! When I held Daphnee in my arms an ache that I've felt for 8 months vanished! I work with children all day long but nothing fills the void, nothing except Haiti. I was fulfilled, I was happier than I have been since I left the land that I love. Today, again I am empty and the pain is back...but there is an end in sight! In 5 days I will get on a plane again, I will step off onto the ground that holds everything I love. I will pick up babies, I will rock them, I will kiss them goodnight. The seconds are crawling but I know the day is near!

Daphnee and I (notice that cute little head of hair!)

Daphnee's Mom and I with the girl!
My mom and I with Daphnee

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Brittnei said...

Thank you for those pics Rhyan!