Saturday, January 16, 2010


Today, I fed babies rice and beans. Today we had food for their bellies. Today, I held cups to little mouths as they took in as much juice as they could hold. Today we had water to make that juice. Tonight I am not hungry. Tonight I am not thirsty. Thank you Jesus.

I realize that I write often about how I feel about the things going on here. I write about current news received and I write about the awful things this country is going through. But I realize that I do not write about daily life. Let me tell you what we did today. Since the quake this is what a "typical" day is like.

7:30am - Volunteers go to the big nursery to help the 6 nannies who have been working nonstop since Tuesday. Breakfast cereal is shoveled into open mouths. Babies are wiped down, diapers are changed and clothes are put on.

8 or 8:30am - Volunteers (there are 11 of us here) each take 2 babies up to the balcony for the day. We give them cups of water or juice and play games all morning.

10am - Snack is served. Sometimes it is cookies. The last 2 days it has been Goldfish Crackers from the Costco box I brought with me.

11am - a 4.5 aftershock hits. Nannies are terrified again. Even though the house is thoroughly checked by John and Brad they will not stay inside. All babies in Urge B and Big Nursery are moved back into the driveway. Blankets are spread out.

Noon- Lunch is served. Each volunteer feeds "their" babies. Today was rice and beans. I fed "C" my "earthquake baby" I feel such a bond to him. "C" is the baby I held when the quake hit. He was the one I carried as we ran from the house. He ate perfectly. I also fed "M", a little boy who is HIV positive and loved by all here. He was dezoid (naughty) spitting all his rice out into his hands to look at it before trying to shove it back in his mouth. Most of "M's" rice lands on floor. Diapers are changed and babies are taken down for naps.

2pm - At a time when babies would usually be sleeping they are all up. It is almost impossible to get them to nap on the blankets spread out on the concrete.

3pm Volunteers take 1 or 2 babies for the afternoon. Most stay downstairs around the dining table with quiet toys. The rest remain outside with nannies.

5pm - Supper is served. Rice and beans again. We feed outside. Volunteers find random little ones and spoon food for them. Faces are washed.

5:30pm - Dixie tells the nannies that it is impossible for them to keep the children out any longer. It is too cold for them to sleep outdoors. And the house is safe. Babies are brought back in.

6pm - All babies are in pajamas and in bed. Volunteers head downstairs for supper. Our supplies are still good, tonight we ate taco salad. For the first time since the quake I ate supper.

7pm - All gather to watch Dixie live on CNN.

The rest of our evenings are filled with email, waiting in line for the international phone, CNN and occasionally something more lighthearted to take our minds off things. This is our new normal. We don't know for how long but we are making it work. Today it actually felt somewhat organized. How quickly we become accustomed. How quickly the children have adjusted. I think they all think it is great fun going up and down the stairs. Getting extra time on the balcony and new, exciting snacks. I pray they will continue to respond well the their new world. We are doing well.


Senora Haglund said...

it seems as normal as it can be. you are all doing a fantastic job. we are so thankful for you and we are working our butts off here trying to advocate for the babies, the O, the Haitians.
remember to breath...the breathe of life.

Naomi Larson in Fergus Falls,MN said...

Got connected to your blog via facebook. It was a blessing for me to hear all that you're doing. I didn't know you were in Haiti. Wow! You were there at the perfect time...God's timing. And He will/and has equipped you for this moment. Praise Him for another day to serve Him! We will pray for you and all those you touch. To God be the glory!
From Fergus Falls

MrsKraft said...

I am praying for you even as I type. My sister-in-law's family works for the Baptist Haiti Mission; God is good...all the time. And you are truly his servant.

smiles4u said...

Just reading this made me smile. I am thankful that you are finding some normal and that the little ones are adjusting. Continued prayers being sent your way. XX Lori

Kacey said...

When you talked about "M" I TOTALLY pictured him doing that. I "saw" it like i was sitting right there. Give "k" hugs and kisses!

Love, Kacey

Joey said...

You are right that kids are so open to change and the new normal...they have food, love and their needs are being met by all of you. Keep your strength and lean on the are a faithful servant.

Anonymous said...

I don't know you but came across your blog as I read the Fergus Falls newspaper online (i live close to Fergus). Your words have really toughed my heart. May the Lord bless and keep you and the babies you care for. julie