Wednesday, January 13, 2010


My knees went weak when I heard the scream, the wailing of one of our nannies who had finally had contact from her family. Her agonized cries found our ears, "toutmoun, toutmoun" is what she said, "everyone, everyone" I was frozen on the spot. And then I heard, "Mesi Jezi!" over and over again. "Thank you Jesus" She had been told that her entire neighborhood has collapsed. Her house where her children had been was gone, but somehow, a miracle from God, everyone in her house is alive. Most of her friends and neighbors are not. It makes no sense, but today we cry with her, tears of joy for a family saved, tears of grief for the ones lost and we sit in wait for those who still don't know.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rhyan,
I am at a loss for words for the work that you do...I'm not sure work is even the right word to use. I found your blog just this afternoon from someone in Gibbon, MN, my hometown. I've been catching up on all your past posts and I'm just amazed by you...your compassion, strength, courage, love. I saw the Today Show this morning and just said to my husband...those poor babies, I wish we could adopt them all. And here you are, caring for them, loving them, encouraging them to grow. I just wanted to say are truly a special special person. Our prayers go out to everyone at this difficult time.

Julie S. said...

God put you in that place at this time for a reason. Now you know what it is! Stay stong for the babies! Your video "Good Night Kisses made me cry with sadness and joy all at the same time! Julie S. from Pelican Rapids.