Thursday, January 14, 2010

We Go On

Please everyone understand how much your emails mean at this time. I am SO sorry I am unable to respond to everyone personally. However, know I read each and every one of them! One question I have been asked often is about content on my blog being copied to other places. Please, feel free to use ANYTHING here to get the word out to others. We need to use this time, before the media moves on, to reach as many people as possible. Unfortunately this will be forgotten by many all too soon. Haiti will not recover in just a week...we need people to continue to remember Haiti! Again thank you all for your words of encouragement, they are so needed today. We are staying strong for these babies. They keep us going! When we want to break down we go on, for them, for our staff and for the people broken in the country that we love.

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Anonymous said...

Rhy, just read the latest on ur blog. U r very brave. Ur love and passion for the babies and Haiti insipre so many. It is a huge and humbling gift to all of us that have the honor to read your heartfelt words. Your experiences are getiing out there via the news, your blog, and FB. The fear u may feel in seeing the devastation in P-au-P may be part of what keeps u where u need to be, at GLA. One day you may look back at this and say it was one of the hardest things u ever had to face, but it will make u an even stronger, more compassionate, and determined woman than u could ever imagine. Yes, like the title of your blog says. God is making u, and He knows exactely what He is doing. Take care sweetie. So many are prayin' and inspired to help Haiti beacause u r there sharing ur world with us.
xo Angela in Florida