Thursday, January 14, 2010

When Will It Stop

The earth is swaying again! God, how much more can we take. Please just make it stop! At least it is light now, the nights seem to last forever. Last night I finally slept, lulled by the Psalms...the only thing that can calm my heart each time we start to shake again. These aftershocks are small, compared to The Big One, but some are still registering in the 4's. On their own a quake. The nannies are terrified. The report from our staff and friends who traveled to Port yesterday is bad. Buildings in heaps, bodies too. In some places the blood runs like water out of buildings and down the sides of the road. People are in a daze. Everyone is just wandering, or frantically clawing with their hands at huge slabs of concrete. We need help! It's pouring in but we need more! We need food and water up at our houses and we are running out of fuel to run our generator. The company where we get our water is further up the mountain than Petionville so we have hope they weren't hit too hard, it is possible they will be able to bring us a truck today but no one knows. At the time we are ok, we have enough supplies but soon we will join the rest of Haiti. The waiting is enough to make someone go crazy. Today will be another long day, followed by a long night I'm sure. It seem like weeks have passed... Last night we were talking about something that happened before the quake and we were all shocked to realize that it had been less than 24 hours. Time crawls, but for those still trapped every second is precious. Please God, send help fast.


Nate said...

Hey Rhyan,

Thinking of you and praying for you these days.


Anonymous said...

Hey Rhyan,

Think of you and praying for you these days.


Mandy Johnson said...

Rhyan I am sending prayers your way. Know that God is with you, right beside you sheltering you with his umbrella of love, protection and safety. He hears your cries and knows what you need. Keep trusting and know that His peace, a peace that is hard to define and hard to comprehend is yours right now. Take it. Be strong in Christ. You are His Child and you are brave because you are loved.

Amanda Burud said...

Its Amanda from Applebees, My heart aches for you and everyone there! Such a horrible situation! Sadding to see what you are going through. Stay strong for all those children you love so much. You are an amazing person for what your doing. God Bless you and we have been praying to God for you all!
You will be in my prayers!
Amanda Burud

Bridget :) said...

Stay strong, you know He will come through for you and those children. There are lots of efforts underway from many countries-stay strong!

J. Buettner said...


God raises extra ordinary people for extra ordinary times. He will make you stronger than you imagine and you are already braver than you feel. Remember no matter what, you have been prepared in life and in faith for this moment. Your faith and courage inspire me. I am proud to have you as my child. It hurts not being able to come to your rescue. But then I remember, you are the rescuer. Be strong and courageous. Trust in God and be the hard-core survivor we raised you to be.