Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Back To Haiti

This just in...I will be on my way back to Haiti, tomorrow! Well, I will be going to Sarasota, Florida tomorrow and will be going back to Haiti on Thursday. I can not give you any more information at this time other than to say PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!! Some great things could be happening in the next few days.

I am in need of help from you for a few things...
First of all, I need a place to stay in Sarasota tomorrow night as close to the airport as possible. I will get in late tomorrow and need to be back at the airport Thursday morning. If there is anyone willing help me with getting a hotel room for the night I would be SO thankful! Please, either email me or call my cell phone to let me know! rhyanbuettner@yahoo.com, (218)731-5060

Secondly, I have a family in Haiti that I have been working to support. I just posted a beautiful blog post to introduce you all to them. Look for it! Right now, I would LOVE to bring some items down to this family. I have been slowly collecting some things, having NO idea I would be headed back down this soon. I have only had time to collect a few things. I am begging you, anyone in the Sarasota area who could bring me items Thursday morning, packaged and ready to be flown into Haiti. Even, possibly with some cash to cover costs of extra bags... The difference you would be making to a Family, a SPECIFIC family in Haiti, will be life changing.

Items Needed As Soon As Possible Are:
Women's Clothing Size Large (I already have quite a bit of size Med and Sm clothes for them)
Women's Shoes Size 10 and 11
Men's Clothing Size Sm
Men's Shoes Size 8
Cooking Pots

This family is living under a bed sheet right now. They ran out of their home 3 weeks ago today and still have only the clothes they were wearing that day. They have none of the daily "necessities" for life. PLEASE, help me bring back to them, a little of what they need. I am begging you...It's uncomfortable for me to ask for things for myself, but for my friends, I can be shameless...PLEASE, help me help them. (see post below about this family!)

If you can be of any help call me at (218)731-5060. I will be in flight off and on all day tomorrow so please leave a message if I don't answer! Thank you SO much!

More news to come!

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Maggie said...

Hey Rhyan... I just send you a text. Scott and I will pick up your hotel room. Text me when you get a chance.