Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Now You Know

Today a baby in Haiti died.

Tonight another will.

I know their names. I feel the loss.

Tonight a baby will die in Haiti, and a month and a half ago, babies died in Haiti. It is a sad reality. Babies die in a country just 800 miles from a hospital that can save them. They will die tonight and they died before the earthquake. There are children in Haiti who have not eaten today, but this is not a new pain to them.
(16 months old)
(7 months old)

Haiti hurts. She hurts today and she hurt last month. Now you know. Now you care. Now, you can not turn away.

Last year, when I told people I worked in Haiti they asked me where it was. Tonight they know. They don't have to ask. Tonight the world knows my Haiti. Tonight you know where it is. Tonight you see their faces, the ones who captured my heart. Tonight you realize there are babies starving to death. Tonight you face what I have known for years. Tonight you glimpse a little of what it is that has captured me. Tonight you understand.

Haiti's problems are not new. The skin and bones babies you saw flashed across the news in the days following the eartquake did not get like that in a week. They were desperate before and they are desperate now. PLEASE... don't forget them!

I pray you won't forget them...


Beth said...

thank you for sharing.

Alison said...

Oh, Rhyan! Thank you for bringing Haiti alive to me. Thank you for your words and your pictures. It is too easy to go about our days and not think about the hurt and hardships of others. Thank you for the reminder. Thank you for the way that you have impacted me for the better and all the children you have touched and shown God's love to.
You have made it easy to fall in love with the place and the people that you love so dearly!
I pray for you to be able to sort through your emotions of the past month. May He lead your path in the coming days.