Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Still There

Tonight Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta reported, once again, from Haiti. They are still there, they are still telling Haiti's story. They have not forgotten. Are there words enough to thank these men for showing the world that Haiti still needs help!

I am so thankful they are there, however, it seems some facts are being lost here... Please read Dixie Bickel's respones to Anderson's report last night...


Anonymous said...

I watched them tonight on CNN. They pointed out that the orphanage featured tonight had the same philosophy as UNICEF and Save the Children and these children are not adopted to families in the US, etc. but would remain in their home country. I believe Anderson Cooper commented "as it should be" or something like that. :(

The story of the orphanage and the work they do was very heartwarming.

Pat said...

I have 'Twittered' Anderson Cooper with Dixie's blog ... I am hoping that someone will notice and take a look ..... perhaps the media really doesn't know that there are differences in the orphanges and the thoughts of workers.