Friday, February 19, 2010

This Just In

What perfect timing! After last night's post I recieved these very precious photos from a GLA friend. Thank you Betty!

(please ignore my nasty, unwashed Haiti hair!!)


Maggie said...

Beautiful pics, R!! He will always know you and love you. I hope and pray that you will forever be in his life and that you never lose touch.

Anonymous said...

These pictures are so beautiful Rhyan -- and they speak a thousand words!!!

Anonymous said...

i am captured by the middle one. they way you could make him laugh when your heart was breaking and tears were falling. i hope one day you will see him again, and when you do i pray he runs to you and hugs you for a long time. he knows you love him. i will continue to pray for your heart, i can only begin to imagine what you are feeling.