Wednesday, February 10, 2010

When They Praise Him

I get goosebumps...

We were driving through the streets of PetionVille, on our way from the American embassy to the airport. I was with 10 kids about to leave Haiti for their new homes in the United States. These were their last moments in Haiti. The things they were seeing outside their windows were heartbreaking. The voices we could hear were filled with pain. We were surrounded by utter devastation. I wished I could shield them from it. But then, we rounded a corner and I heard something different. At first I thought it was wailing, probably yet another funeral, but as we came closer I realized what it was. The church up the street was filled to overflowing. People spilled out onto the street and they were singing. Their arms were raised in praise to the God they serve. They worshiped in reckless abandon. They thanked God. This is the heart of the people I love!


Anonymous said...

Me too! Haitians are so incredible! Thanks so much for sharing that. No wonder we're all so sad when we're not there.

shannalyn85 said...

It could possibly have been my friends church. They are praying and fasting and gathering all weekend!