Sunday, March 14, 2010


No, not Miami International Airport...

Missing In Action...

Yes, I realize I've been missing in action for the last few days. I have had a lot on my mind, and a LOT on my plate! In the past few days I have gotten a ton of much needed work and planning done!

Last week I wrote the bylaws for Espwa Berlancia. The idea in itself was almost enough to overwhelm me! I had no idea where to start! Thankfully God has brought some incredible people into my life. One family in particular who have been the most beautiful blessing I could imagine at a time like this! Scott and Maggie have let me email, call and bug them about a million and one things! I feel like they must cringe whenever they see my name in their inbox but they have never acted like it! They greet me cheerfully, answer all my questions, no matter how ridiculous or off the wall, and even let me fall apart or break down whenever I need. Maggie has been an emotional support like no other. I don't know what I would do without them! I do, however know, that none of this would be possible without their hard work and dedication! Thank you so much Scott and Maggie!

For several days I put off even thinking about the bylaws because it was so overwhelming but Scott sent me a great outline to follow and on Thursday and Friday I tackled the task and I am happy to report that they are done! What a huge relief and a huge step towards this becoming official!

I have also been working on putting together a board for Espwa Berlancia. I am so excited to have been blessed with close friends who have supported me in all of my work in Haiti and are now coming alongside me in this new adventure. I am beyond thrilled to be working with these amazing people! I am in the process, right now, of putting together a trip to Haiti with these friends to introduce them fully to the place that has captured my passion and that they now work for! I know it will be life changing for everyone involved!

A lot of the work I am doing these days involved "housekeeping". Printing off hard copies of everything for files, paperwork galore, fundraising ideas and so much more. I am finding myself constantly busy but never overwhelmed or tired! I am renewed everyday by my work! What an amazing joy it is to be living everyday doing what I love! I am so blessed!

With as much as I have had going on, it hasn't been all work and no play! Some fun friends came to Bozeman on Friday and we have had a great time showing them around and exploring! Saturday, we went to a beautiful waterfall up in the mountains and after a little delay to get the truck unstuck, hiked up to the frozen falls! It was gorgeous! I great time for me to get out of the house and enjoy this lovely part of the country I live in!

Today we will all leave for Red Lodge, a ski area about 3 hours away, where we will meet lots of other great friends for the week! My parents will be there with Kerdjerns and I can not wait to see him! It's only been 3 weeks but I miss him like crazy! It will be so fun to get to spend a few days with him again!Haitians, hot tubs and heavenly slopes...sounds like a whole lot of my favorite things all in one place for 4 fun filled days! I am excited!

Aside for everything else, I have one more huge project I have been working on. I think a lot of you will be as excited as I am! I can't wait to tell you all about it but I'm going to have to make you wonder a little bit longer...Take a peek back here tomorrow to find out what I have up my sleeve!

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