Wednesday, April 7, 2010

To Catch You Up

It seems I have some visitors today! Thanks to Rich Dillen over at Bad Idea Racing for sending you my way!

I met Rich's wife Kim last year in Haiti. I can honestly say she was one of my favorite people I served with. She told us of her family at home and I couldn't help but love them. I learned a lot from her about adoption of older children and bonding, tactics I have passed along to my own parents as they start on the journey. I also remembering gathering around the computer to look at pictures of her husband who she assured us was a "hottie", turns out he was! Our group of giggling ladies squealed and agreed that more men should wear bike shorts! ;)

One of the first few people to contact me after the earthquake was Kim. I received so many amazing, encouraging messages from her, each one seemed to find me when I needed it the very most. Her words were ones that I read over and over again!

Since January 12th Kim has been one of my biggest supporters! She is always quick to ask me what I have going on and to be excited about my projects. Kim also knows James and when she found out I was trying to help his family she immediately joined in my efforts. She talked Rich into being involved in the project as well and in honor of their anniversary TODAY they have turned his blog over to the efforts for the Dindin family!

For any of you who are visiting from Bad Idea Racing today here is a history on the family.

January 29.2010

February 2.2010

February 16.2010

March 9.2010

Thank you to all of you who have made a donation to the Dindin Family today! Happy Anniversary Rich and Kim!

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jkeiffer said...

I came from Bad Idea Racing, and made a small donation. Thank you for the work you do.