Tuesday, May 4, 2010

AA 377

I am currently somewhere over the Bahamas. I peer out my window, past the clouds and I see the deep, sparkling blue of the water. It is the only thing that lies between me and my Haiti now.

I look around the cabin and I see things that are so perfectly unique to a Port Au Prince flight and I can’t help but smile. There is a woman 2 rows ahead of me wearing 4 hats stacked on top of each other. There is a man beside me softly praying and singing in Creole. The bathrooms look like a storm blew through.

I love it.

When I land I will feel the heat against my skin. Smile and clap along with the band that greets every flight. I will search out a “sitwon” to keep the motion sickness at bay while we race through the streets that lead me home.

When I arrive I will see my friends again. I will hold a tiny little baby. I will eat rice and beans. And then, hopefully, I will take a nap!

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