Tuesday, May 11, 2010

For Mattie

About 3 months ago I had the privilege of getting to know a young woman named Mattie.

She and her amazing family live on a ranch in Texas where they are raising several beautiful children that God brought to them through adoption. One of them is Keifer, a 21 month old Haitian boy. The other one is Chrissie, a 4 year old miracle who continues to fight for her life every day.

Mattie made an impact on me because I have never met a 12 year old quite like her. In fact, rarely have I ever met a grown woman with the poise, faith and articulation I have witnessed in this girl. Mattie has a heart for orphans and a heart for Haiti. I can’t wait to bring her with me someday!

Mattie, this is for you. I’m thinking about you and I thank you for your beautiful friendship!










Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I couldn't help but smile at that sweet message. I feel so unworthy of praise, I am God's child, I am not my own, Jesus made me the way I am. I can't wait until I can go to Haiti with you, we are total twins! Thank you so much for this post and for getting word out about Chrissie. You are an amazing friend and I am blessed to know you. Adorable photos of the angels from Haiti!
Mattie Patterson

Anonymous said...

you are such a beautiful and creative women. It's so great to see photos of those little angels that I had the honor to love for a short, sweet time.
love ~
Stephanie x

Dorrie said...

Rhyan....thanks to you for introducing me to Mattie's family via their blog...I have been following Chrissie's story through the last 25 days, and while most of the focus has been on her, the rest of the children in that family are amazing to be able to deal with all of this as well as they have, and remain so faithful! I was touched by one particular blog entry by Lorraine regarding how Mattie was so concerned for her mother, being lonely away from the rest of the family. At 12, that is amazing!

Thank you for everything you have done. My friends and family in Gibbon MN introduced me to your blog, and I have followed you daily since they did so. Your faith and service is amazing!

Jeannette said...

Wooden blocks have never been sweeter...