Sunday, May 16, 2010

His Tears

Can make my heart hurt.


They can bring me  to my knees, they can make me want to cry along with him.

Ti Bet is not better today. When I went up to see him this morning he was crying pitifully. He doesn’t usually cry and I knew something was wrong. His tiny twig arms and legs were stiff and his abdomen swollen. He cried for about 40 min before he finally fell into a fitful sleep. I lay him in his bed and prayed for relief.  Oh how I wish I could take his pain away. I wish I could fix his hurts. Once again, I wish love was enough.

You can read Susan’s thoughts and stories about P here. Susan is the nurse in our NICU and she has been caring for Peterson since he arrived.

Dixie has also written about Peterson, you can read what she wrote here.


Please pray for Bug. Pray that we will figure out what this sweet baby needs and how to best treat him. I hate when he cries!

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