Sunday, May 9, 2010

I Will Tell The World

I will tell them what I’ve seen…

I saw tears rolling down the cheeks of a woman as she told me the names and ages of her 8 children who died when her home collapsed. Farah lives completely alone now. She told me she wishes that she had died next to her children because she has no life without them. She showed me the torn canvas bags that held all of her worldly possessions. I saw Farah… 100_9143

I saw a little brown toe peeking out of the corner of a tattered shoe. My eyes traveled beyond that foot, up to the badly scarred leg of 8 year old Jameson. He held my had for over an hour, limping from one tent to another and proudly naming the families who lived in each one. When I commented that I was impressed that he knew all of his neighbors he told me “Oh no, they are not my neighbors, not even my friends. They are my family now, we are all family”. I saw Jameson…


I saw a red string. It was tied around the wrist of a tiny baby. Her name is Nadege. I knew what the string was but I asked anyway. Her mother told me it was to keep away the evil spirits that would make her sick. I looked into her mothers eyes and told her that her baby did not need a piece of cloth to keep her baby well. I told her that her daughter needs to grow up loving Jesus, not scared of evil spirits. She nodded solemnly and as I walked away I heard the people of her tent burst into laughter at my ideas. I saw Nadege



I saw a dusty, naked toddler standing all alone. I picked him up and asked him his name. I barely made out his whisper, “Israel” I held him as it grew dark and watched his eyes grow in wonder over the huge screen and projector were set up in what was his open play area. I rocked him back and forth, he whispered in my ear “mwen grangou, I am hungry” gave him a granola bar, all I had. I sat him high on my shoulders and he towered above everyone who was bigger than him. I held him until a young girl came and told me that he was her cousin and she needed to take him to their tent to go to bed. I asked her where his mother was and she told me that she was missing, her own mother and grandmother were dead too. This 13 year old girl was taking care of her 3 year old cousin. Sendy and Israel had only each other, everyone else was dead. I saw Sendy and Israel…



I saw rows of tents that were now the homes of thousands of people. I saw teachers, artists, merchants, mechanics and grocery store cashiers reduced to a life of unbearable pain. I saw tents…



I saw rows of toilets and people waiting to use them. I saw their patience and their humility as they stood in line. I saw their brokenness…


I saw the dust and dirt running down the drain as I washed my feet that night. I saw it slip away in seconds and as I crawled into my bed and prepared to sleep, I closed my eyes and I saw their faces…




Beverly said...

What a moving post. I've been following your blog for a while now. My heart is in Haiti, having taught mk's there many years ago. God bless your endeavors there.

May I please link this to my Facebook page? I have several friends there who read about and care about Haiti.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your afternoon with us. I too will never be the same for what I saw and experienced at a tent city when I went with Brandon. You wrote so beautifully at how your heart was touched. I still have images and voices that I hear from that night etched in my heart and mind. You are a beautiful women for how you show the love of Jesus with these dear people. Good night Rhyan.
Peace and His blessings ~
Stephanie McCallum x
Give N a kiss for me, or two or three xxx

I am the Clay said...

May our gracious Lord continue to pour out His grace upon you as you minister to His children.

In Christ,