Monday, May 3, 2010

In 100lbs

You can fit:

22 infant onsies

19 toddler long sleeved tops

7 pairs of newborn pajamas

4 preemie outfits

8 pairs of children’s jeans

2 flower headbands

4 receiving blankets

1 box of granola bars


A remote controlled racecar

A soccer ball

A men’s watch

Jewelry for 2 women dear to my heart

Gifts for a man that gave us everything he had

Church clothes for a boy who loves Jesus more than anything else

Goldfish crackers

A camera

Dollar store toys

A colorful bandana for each nanny

A tutu

A pair of green sandals

2 laptop computers

Several seasons of Will and Grace

Numerous packages of rice meals

13 pair of underwear

2 fleece blankets

A superhero cape

And a bible

I doesn’t seem like nearly enough…


Heather Lewis said...

You got the church makes my heart happy!

Rebekah Hubley said...

love it!!!!! Can't wait to read your posts from GLA...