Thursday, May 6, 2010

Meet Bug


You can read his whole story here


Peterson’s eyes were the first things that caught my attention. Perhaps their size is emphasized by his tiny body, perhaps they were widened in the task of taking in all that was going on around him. They are huge but more than that they hold a wisdom that I  an 8 month old baby should not be capable of. His eyes tell a story and it has captured me.


Yesterday afternoon I took him P to the balcony to try to get to know him. The nannies told me he doesn’t smile easily. He didn’t. I washed his hair and sponge bathed his tiny body. He cried. I bundled him in a hat and blanket and talked to him. His eyes never left my face he watched me, once he mimicked a sound I made but he did not smile.


Today I spent time with him again. After supper I cuddled and talked to him. I paced the floor trying to lull him to sleep, his eyes watched everything. I kissed him over and over and sat in a quiet spot and sang lullabies, his cheeks twitched once or twice, the corners of his mouth even turned up a few times but the smile I craved never broke through.

Peterson’s mother is here with him. The nannies are teaching her, just a child herself, to care for her baby. She is eager to learn and it is clear she loves him with all of her heart. Yesterday she left to go home to her family for a few days. The nannies told me that when his mama comes back then Peterson will smile again. He misses her when she is gone, I have seen it countless times in countless children but it’s different this time. It is different because Peterson’s mama is coming back. She will return and take him home. She will raise him, love him and care for him in the  way that our nannies have taught her. I love that Haitian parents have the option to bring their child to GLA for adoption and I love even more that they can come here for help when they have no where else to turn and gain the resources they need to raise their babies.


Peterson will smile when his mama comes back but that doesn’t mean I can’t try my hardest until then!



Jess said...

he is so precious! hope to see you in a couple weeks :)

Anonymous said...

He looks a little like Patrick!!
Love you, Mom