Monday, June 7, 2010

Baby Of Steel

My sweet, unbelievably talented, and creative cousin Athena, made this adorable superhero cape for the little boys here! Mr. M spent an afternoon protecting the balcony from all harm! He had a blast!

Michno-2 Michno-3 Michno-4 Michno-5 Michno-9Michno-6 Michno-7 Michno-8 Michno-15 Michno-16 Michno-17 Michno-19 Michno-20 Michno-23 Michno-25 Michno-26 Michno-27 Michno-31 Michno-33 Michno-34

And, he’s able to scale towering crib bars in a single bound!


Annette Franklin said...

These pictures are great! G enjoyed seeing her buddy! So glad you have a little defender on the balcony!

Anonymous said...

You captured his excitment so wonderfully......I think you should consider a career in Children's photography Rhyan :)
Loved his expressions.
love ~
Stephanie M x

Brittany said...

Ohh I am just in love with this little boy! I want to just take him home! :)

So cute and sweet, and such a great super hero!

p.s. Is there anything you need. What is something easy that my family could send to you!