Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Christyn Joy

On Friday evening as we drove from Port Au Prince to Leogane I sat in the back of the pickup truck with Jeanel, the director of Foyer Des Petits Demuins. As we rode he told me of a little girl who had been abandoned at his home. “Ti Fi” (little girl) had no name and in order to make a birth certificate for her they needed one. Would I like to chose a name for this little one?

All my days in Haiti I have dreamed about having this honor. I had the names chosen. A boy would be called Alix and a girl, Keziah. That is why it came as such a surprise when the name came out of my mouth. “Christyn Joy”, I replied. The words shocked me! You see, Christyn Joy is a very special little girl to me. Christyn Joy was a princess. One month to the very day that God gave me Christyn Joy, He had welcomed another into His home. His Christyn was chosen by an incredible family to be their princess Chrissy. My Christyn is a princess too, a Haitian queen. Today she is in an orphanage, hungry and alone Today she waits for someone to chose her.

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Within moments of arriving home the nannies gathered around and asked me what “ti fi’s” new name would be. When I announced it an excited chatter filled the room. Christynjoy, Christynjoy, they said over and over again.Yes, they decided. Christyn Joy was a very good name. As their excitement dwindled I felt it very important to explain a bit of my choice. I told them that in English, “joy” means “kontan” happy. over this their chatters became even more excited. Joy, Kontan, Happy, it was the perfect name for this precious little one. Perhaps a name of joy would bring just that to this little girl, who so desperately needs it.

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I was given the honor of naming sweet Christyn Joy, but someone much greater holds the honor of her life in His hands. May she grow to love, obey and find JOY in Him. 101_9459 - Copy

Sweet Chrstyn Joy, carry it well…

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MAGGIE said...

This brought tears to my eyes. As I still mourn over the loss of Princess Christyn Joy - an angel I hope to meet one day - I am so happy that such a BEAUTIFUL little girl was named after her. What an honor. I hope one day the Patterson family will learn of her .... wow... such an amazing story. Thank you!!!! xoxox

Brittany said...

Its been so long since I visited your page, and I don't know why.

Every time I read I cry. Tears of joy... Tears of hurting for those I'll never meet.

Today, for this beautiful girl I cry tears of happiness, that you are in her life, and that you love her!

heather said...

Beautiful Rhyan.