Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fearfully And Wonderfully Made

It’s amazing to realize just how much we humans think of ourselves, and how little we think of our God.

Woodson came to us last Thursday morning. His mother carried his tiny little body as she walked and pleaded with people along the way to help her, finally someone pointed her in our direction. Upon reaching our gates Woodson was immediately whisked from her arms and rushed to our NICU. He weighed 2lbs 9oz. He was 10 days old. As he was taken away I saw the tears begin to well up in his mother’s eyes. They were tears of relief, of exhaustion and of fear. She had finally reached a place that she knew could help her, but her baby was still very, very sick.

10 days before Woodson arrived at GLA he was born at home, without the assistance of a doctor or any medical attendance. He was born alive and for 10 days his body fought. His little heart beat and his lungs worked to breath in and out. He lived and on that 10th day Woodson’s mother knew that he needed more help than she could give. She left in search of someone she could trust, when she arrived at our gates she found it. 101_9379

When he arrived Woodson was hypothermic but breathing. As our staff began to warm him his breathing became more labored. His body was in trouble. It takes a lot more work to keep a warm body alive than a cool one. Woodson was facing a battle. Thankfully our nurses knew just what to do and the proper machinery was available. Woodson was hooked up to a pressurized breathing machine that is brand new to GLA. Most hospitals in Haiti do not even have access to this and yet, here at GLA we received one just a few weeks ago. Just in time.


Woodson was stabilized and placed in one of our incubators where he remains tonight. The nannies tell me he is “dezoid”(naughty) they say it with a little smile in their eyes. “he pulls at his feeding tube and tries to take it out, he cries when we change his diaper or mess with him in ways that he does not like, he tries to bat our hands away when we adjust things on his body.” Yes, maybe this could be considered “deziod” but it is also a blessing, a miracle that this little tiny baby has the strength to fight, not only for his life but for things he doesn’t like. Woodson is a fighter and I have to believe that that fight will pull him through.

Why is it that when you are sitting in an airport and a famous person walks by we get giddy with excitement. When the President of the United States is coming to town people will line the streets and parade him in. Why are these people receiving a glory that should be given only to the One who truly deserves it? Why are we more excited about people than the God who created them.


Pictures can never show a true story. It is impossible for you to see just how tiny Woodson really is but I noticed in this photo the safety pins on the side of his head, his tiny hands are smaller than those little pins and yet, you can look very closely you can see a tiny fingernail on the end of each of those impossibly small fingers. If you examine his little face you can see the soft feather of eyelashes resting on his cheek. Perfectly and wonderfully made. Show me a being on this earth that could ever create and sustain anything as miraculous.

It's amazes me just how much we unjustly take credit for. How often we make doctors or scientists or political figures our celebrity. How often we give credit for something that was never ours to claim. Yes, I know that God has given us science and medicine for a reason and that do great things for our world. If you go to the doctor and he tells you that you have cancer and that you need chemotherapy to treat it you don’t go home and wait for God to “heal” you. You use the medicine that God has equipped man with to treat your disease. The problem that I see is that once that cancer is gone the glory goes to the doctor, the hospital, the medicine. The real truth is that the only one who will ever breath, and take away life is our God.

Psalms 139:13 – “For you created my inmost being, you knit me together in my mothers womb.”


Heather Lewis said...

He's so precious! Almost a full pound bigger then Hannah was when she was born! So little, so full of life! Love him up for me!

MAGGIE said...

Loving this fighter... Great things await this baby boy. Praying that he continues to fight...

Brittany said...

God planned it perfectly. That he would be born. That his mother would find your orphanage. That you would have the equipment needed to keep him alive! Praise Jesus! He had that whole song perfectly orchestrated!