Friday, June 4, 2010

How Can You Stay In God’s Love

By Kervens…


Kervens, I am so blessed to know him! Every week I learn more and more about this precious little boy.

Kervens is 14 years old, although he tells me that his “paper” (birth certificate) says he is 15. A mistake on a birth certificate in Haiti is the norm.

Kervens speaks Creole, French, English, Spanish and Portuguese, all fluently. He has been formally trained in only French. He learned all of his other languages by listening to people who speak them. Wow!

Kervens loves to draw. He is an artist.


When he grows up he dreams of being a doctor. He dreams of building a big house for him and Jerry. He dreams of his little brother being able to go to school. Since he can’t afford school for him, Kervens “teaches” Jerry every evening, what he learned in class that day. Kervens told me he dreams of eating foods that taste good every single day and not going to bed with pains in his belly.


Kervens has big dreams just like every child should. He has big dreams and he has great faith. Faith like a child, explained in the most beautiful, perfect way I could ever ask for. Today I learned more from Kervens, a 14 year old child, than I have in most church services.

How To Stay Strong In Your Faith

By Kervens, Age 14SCAN0517

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stephanie said...

Wow, what an amazing young boy who will go far in his life with a faith so strong. I had the honor to meet Kervens also while I was at GLA, what a smart boy - to say the least!!!

KacieB said...

Now that- is a blessing immeasurable. Thanks so much for sharing it...The sincerity of Kerven's heart is a lesson for us all!

Jana said...

Amazing! inspirational!