Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Want To Try To Touch A Few Hearts In This Life

It’s an understatement to say that the last five months have changed my life.

Today, I look at the world differently than I did before January 12th. I think about everything in a completely new light. I am more secure, fulfilled and content than I ever have been. At the same time I am broken in a way that will never completely get “better”. I am broken in the most beautiful way I can imagine. I feel a desperation that only comes from a true, God-given passion. I have an urgent, desperate need to live among, and for the people of Haiti. I have a desperate longing to walk beside them in their lives. I have a desperate ache for their pain because I have finally seen in first hand.

There is an orphanage in Haiti called Foyer Des Petits Demunis Roughly translated it means, Home Of The Forgotten Children. Forgotten they seem to be. At FDPD there are 30 children ranging in age from 4 months to 8 years. They have all been given up by their families here in Haiti in the hopes of a better life. Today, it is  entirely possible that those 30 children did not receive one bite of food. A meal is not something that they are guaranteed every day.


These are the faces of those sweet babies. 

Before the earthquake this home survived by making and selling bread. On January 12th their bakery was destroyed taking their only source of income from them. Their only hope.

I was blessed to meet the director of FDPD several times on this trip and I am convinced that this is a trustworthy and reliable organization. I am also convinced that they need help desperately. They have been waiting and praying for someone to come and at the same time I have been waiting and praying for where God would call me to go. It seems we have found each other.

I want so badly to give all of my passion and energy to Haiti and so far all I have been able to do is wait. I need a place that I fit, a place where I can make a difference, a place that needs that passion and energy. Over the last month God has led me to that place. A house full of babies that need help that I can give. 

I have teemed up with Amy at God’s Children Adoption Agency in Minnesota, on June 17th she and 3 others will fly to Haiti to join me in visiting Foyer Des Petits Demunis. We will visit with all of the children and staff members and try to find a way to best work with them. We would love to set up a sponsorship program and to make sure that those children will never again go to sleep hungry. No matter the outcome, we are willing to follow whatever path God sets before us. I don’t think it will be easy, I don’t think it will be comfortable but I know that it is where I am going to be for 4 days this month and that is no accident!

When Amy’s group flies to Haiti on the 17th we are determined to have every one of their bags packed full of supplies for FDPD! They need everyday items such as lotion, powder, food and clothing along with tents, construction supplies and toys for their children. We want to bless this home and these little ones! To help us make this possible we will be accepting donations to purchase all of the things on Foyer Des Petits Demunis’ “wish list”. If you would like to help you may do so through my donation button on the right side of this page, make sure to mark the donation for FDPD.

I can not wait to begin this beautiful journey and to share it with each of you. I covet your prayers for this time of learning and for the hearts of everyone involved. We are doing our best to walk the path that had been laid before us, please pray we would be led in a direction that is clear and pure and that God would smile his favor upon the work that we are being called to do!


Maggie said...

I remain in awe of you, Ry!! Let me know what I can do to help! August? Septemeber?

Lyd said...

Hi Rhyan. My name is Lydia and i have been following your blogs for quite a long time now. i leave for haiti, more specifically GLA in 12 days. i am bringing a lot of supplies along with me. only some of it is stuff that GLA needs, there is also an over abundance of clothing in all sizes. i figured that even though GLA does not need them there is someone in Haiti that would use them. i would love to have some of the extra stuff that GLA does not need go to FDPD...

Anonymous said...

I am SO excited for you!!!!! Can't wait to read the continuation of this beautiful story!!!!!