Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I will Rise

I will rise to the call that has been set before me. Tomorrow morning I will rise to the new challenge that is in my path, I can’t wait to see where it will lead!

Sometimes I feel like this Haiti that I know and live in is not that different from the North America that I left. We have satellite TV, power all the time, even semi reliable hot showers. It’s a bubble, in the middle of Haiti but apart from her. Tomorrow I will go to the heart of this country. A place where they say, on January 12th “the world split open and ate their people”. A place where bodies still lie buried in a never ending sea of rubble. A place where children sleep in the streets and drink clorox to ease the ache in their empty bellies. A place where pain runs so deep that it’s woven into their history. I will be allowed to join this world. I will be entrusted to share their pain and witness their brokenness. I will also be honored with their laughter, love and beauty.

I know this path will not be an easy one, I know it will be full of broken dreams, broken lives and broken hearts. But I also know that from brokenness comes beauty and out of this dust a hope exists.

I know because I’ve seen it. In the heart of a little baby…

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