Friday, July 23, 2010


I guess I’ve been a little quiet lately, let me get you caught up on why…

June 22nd I flew back into Bozeman. I spent an incredible few days back in the city that I just love, and said goodbye! On July 6th I moved back to Minnesota! After deciding to pursue living in Haiti full time again, I realized that I really need to be near my amazing support system, here in Minnesota. I moved to a small condo in Kensington and I will spend the next few months visiting local churches and hosting fundraisers to make it possible for me to return to Haiti to be among the ones that I am aching for. It is so nice to be near my family. April 2010 Baptism (10) April 2010 Baptism (18)April 2010 Baptism (11)

This little face. 

April 2010 (7)

April 2010 (9) April 2010 (5) April 2010 (6)

Of course I miss Bozeman but as I settle here I find my longing for a “home” so strong. I am sick of this moving around, sick of always packing and unpacking, I just want to be where I am supposed to be! Hopefully the next few months will prepare me for the road ahead and make it possible for me to truly move forward to the life I can’t wait to live!

If you are from the Minnesota/North Dakota area and would allow me to visit I would love to come share about the work of my heart with your group.


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Jeannette said...

Hello there...last week I wrote a blog and put a link to yours and quoted you and then I forgot to let you know. Here is the link

Glad you are well and have made a decision. I appreciate what you are up to! Jeannette