Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sweet Kerline

Precious little baby.

Mikerline-56 Mikerline-32 Mikerline-33 Mikerline-34

When I think of the life this baby girl has known it breaks my heart. Taken from  the arms of her mother as a revenge. Neglected by her father and his new girlfriend. Starved to the point of almost unconsciousness. By the time she was brought to us her tiny limbs were stiff to the touch, her big eyes staring and terrified.

 Mikerline-35 Mikerline-36 Mikerline-37 Mikerline-38 Mikerline-39

Before our eyes she cocooned  from a timid, scared baby to a smiling, laughing little girl. When she meets your eyes she immediately breaks into a smile, one that can light up my entire day. Oh, how I love that sweet baby girl.

Mikerline-40 Mikerline-41 Mikerline-42 Mikerline-43 Mikerline-44 Mikerline-45 Mikerline-46  Mikerline-48 Mikerline-49 Mikerline-50  Mikerline-52 Mikerline-53 Mikerline-54

  Mikerline-58 Mikerline-57

Isn’t she beautiful?


Heather Lewis said...

Her sweet little eyes just melt my heart!

Tara aka "Mama Koala" said...

She is an absolute doll!