Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Tonight, for the first time since January 11th a group of 38 children will sleep indoors.

The thought gives me chills and fills my heart. Today, the song Jehovah Jireh has been playing through my mind...

"The Lord shall provide all my needs
According to His riches in Glory "

I can hear the little Haitian voices singing the words...

"Jehovah Jireh my provider
His grace is sufficient for me
For me, for me"

Their precious accents and the stories behind their chocolate eyes making the meaning all that much sweeter.

Our provider, who cares for us. He has provided the need for these children. Tonight they will sleep under the roof of their new home.

In 2 weeks he will entrust me to carry suitcases full of much needed supplies to their door. He will fill those bags to overflowing and He will fill our pockets with the money we will need to purchase what we can not carry. He will provide, through many of you, the things these babies so desperately need.

Tonight they will sleep in their new home. Tomorrow they will wake up and they will begin their day, things will seem brighter. I ache to be there to see the joy that they will celebrate. I remember so clearly the party that erupted when we arrived and set up their new generator, bringing power for the first time in almost 6 months. The cheering and dancing that ensued plays like a film in my head. I wonder what song they sang tonight. I wonder how long Rose MiLove, Richelande and Ericka danced before their feet grew tired. I wonder how big Luckson's eyes grew as he took in all of the new sights.

Soon enough I will be there, to see their faces again. I will hold them in my arms and I will present them with the things they need to live the carefree lives that little children deserve. It's the honor of my life to be allowed to love and care for them. The honor is open to you too, if you want it. If you want to bring moments of joy to Jeankencia, Dorlens, Karlane and other children who so desperately need to smile, please, click here...

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