Monday, August 16, 2010

I Need Haiti More Than Haiti Needs Me

We spent the day today (Monday) traveling and dreaming about what 3:30pm would bring. We arrived in the chaos that I have learned to love! The band played and my heart swelled! I was home!

Throughout the airport I saw familiar faces and greeted friends as they appeared. Cheri and his crew helped us get our 21 suitcases and backpacks through the broken streets and to our vehicle waited. Jeanel and his security, Wilber waited for us in their perfectly clean and starched shirts and we all piled into the pickup and cargo truck he had brought along. All of our luggage went into one vehicle and we all piled into the other.

Josie, Jena, Kenzie, Elizabeth and I all rode in the back of the pickup truck and I had the honor of experiencing Haiti through their eyes. These girls have listened to me try to find the words to explain this place for years and finally they got to see it with their own eyes. Before the ride was over Jena said “Rhyan, I think I just fell in love with your Haiti”. I am so blessed to have these wonderful girls along for this adventure!

We drove past the hands that hold the world…


The larger than life reminders that Haiti is still broken…


And countless tent cities…


I loved showing them my way home!100_9569

When we arrived at the Orphanage it was past 8pm and all of the children were already in bed, until we came in that is! We were met with excitement, hugs and kisses. Amy and I exclaimed over familiar faces and couldn’t believe how much some of them had  grown.

I had the honor of placing this little girl in her new mama’s arms.IMG_0082

As the excitement of our arrival began to wear down and little ones were carried back to their beds Richelande smiled at me and said “You came back”. Again, I was reminded just how much they need me, almost as much as I need them.

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