Sunday, August 22, 2010


A day at the beach in the place that I love more than life itself. What a way to end an amazing week.

Thank you Josie for the amazing work you did on this trip. It was an honor to have you along!


Thank you Liz, Kenzie and Jena, for listening to me talk about Haiti endlessly and finally coming along to see it for yourselves!


Thank you Stephanie for having a birthday and giving us a reason to celebrate with a wonderful outing!


Thank you Rose MiLove, for all the hard work you do for the little ones! It was so fun to treat you to a day of enjoying yourself like a little girl should!


Thank you God, for Lucy and her amazing spirit…


For starfish…dscf2610

dscf2607 dscf2611

And for a beautiful day in Haiti…


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