Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bondye Beni Ayiti

God Bless Haiti…

I can’t tell you how often I have been asked questions about the government of Haiti. As much as I think I have learned I would hate to write as if I knew more about something than I do. I have ideas and I’ve had some great conversations with a friend on the subject. For that reason I have asked him to write this post as a guest. Bringing us his side of the story.

“Everybody thinks Duvalier was the worst but really, they have no idea…Duvalier was the best, the very best”


I can understand how come everyone thought that Duvalier was horrible president for Haiti, I can understand how people thought without him as the president Haiti would be better. But what most people don’t understand is Duvalier was the best president Haiti could ever have. Yes he was a dictator, yes his regime was killing people that opposed him but people never talk about the good side of him, people never talk about at least everyone had food to eat, everyone was able to go to school, with 25 gourdes which is less than 1 US dollar people could go to the market and buy enough food for a week, people were able to send their kids to school, people had no problems walking around with fear that someone would rob or kill them, people weren’t afraid of leaving their doors unlock at night, his regime was not corrupt like the Haitian government is right now and all the other government that came after Duvalier. The Unite States, Canada, France and all those big countries are running by democracy, no wonder why Americans, Canadians etc..assume that every other country can run by democracy. Duvalier was a dictator so that means the people of Haiti had no freedom to say what they wanted to say or speak against his regime, but the people had food to eat, they were able to go to school, they weren’t rich by any means but they weren’t starving, 4 out of 5 kids weren’t dying with no medical help like it is right now in Haiti. Haiti right now is supposedly running on democracy, now people have the freedom to say whatever they want or speak against the government but the thing is the government right now doesn’t care of what the people have to say, the government doesn’t care that its people are suffering and with no food to eat, they don’t care that there are many kids out in the street with no parents, they don’t care that the poverty rate is so high, they don’t care that majority of the people have no access to medical help….so what good is it to have the freedom to say whatever you want but every night you going to bed with no food in your belly and waking up the next day wondering what you going to give your kids to eat for the day????? This is the situation in Haiti right now, this is what the Haitian people are going through each and everyday.

Haiti right now is a mess right now especially after the earthquake, many Haitians specially the ones that lived the Duvalier regime are longing for his return and wishing that Duvalier was still in power, that is why on many walls around Port-au-Prince you will see this writing “Bienvenue president Jean Claude Duvalier” which means “welcome Jean Claude Duvalier”. That is because they remember the old days, they remember that they had food to eat, they remember that their kids were able to go to school, they weren’t thinking of what they going to feed their kids tomorrow, they weren’t thinking of insecurity. That is the good side about Duvalier that people never talked about, that is the side about Duvalier that people outside of Haiti don’t know about. Duvalier’s policy was do whatever you want but don’t interfere with my regime don’t speak against my regime, but obviously he wasn’t talking about the mass people, he was talking to the elite, to the business owners. Duvalier did actually cared about the Haitian people, yes he was a brutal dictator, but he made sure that his people had food to eat, he actually took care of the Haitian people and that is why many Haitians are wishing that he was still here running the Haiti. Because let’s face it not every country can be run on democracy and let me tell you Haiti is one of those country that CANNOT run on democracy. And I can guarantee you that if Duvalier was still in power Haiti would not be in the mess that its in right now. The Haitian government right now is so corrupt it is unbelievable, the Haitian government really doesn’t care about the Haitian people, and that is why Haiti is in the state its is right now. The Haitian government is “sans honte” sans sentiment” which means “no ashamed” “no feelings”, this is what Haitians would say when they feel like someone is ridiculous, and doesn’t care about anything. All the government cares about is money, how much money they can get each and everyday, they don’t care that the whole world knows that the whole government is corrupted, they don’t care it doesn’t matter to them, it doesn’t matter that their people are suffering, it doesn’t matter to them that 1. million people in Haiti right now are homeless, it doesn’t matter to them that kids are dying as long as they getting their money. That is the difference between the Duvalier regime and every other government that came after starting on President Aristide to President Preval, they just don’t care about the people and Duvalier did even though he was a dictator.

So there you have it, agree or disagree… the opinion of a Christian, Haitian, political student.

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