Sunday, September 19, 2010

I cannot wait…

To hold them again!

Sherley Vilbert (3)  

To encourage their joyful dancing!

To kiss their sweet cheeks!

Michara (3)Veronique (7)  To call Haiti “home” once and for all!

In just one week I will be falling asleep in Minnesota for one last time, before flying away. I will dream for the moments the next day, week, month and year will bring. I am ready, I’ve been preparing my entire life for an assignment like this one. In just one week I will live in Haiti!

I cannot wait!

I still have many financial needs to be met to make this mission possible, to donate toward my expenses please click HERE!

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Josie Wise said...


I read this and started to cry I wish with all of my heart that I was going with you now but I know it isn't my time and so I will wait until I come in December. All I want to say is God is always with you and if you are faced with challenges God is behind you pushing you to the finish line. I am always here for you and I will be waiting on the edge of my seat until I hear from you. You will be in my prayers.