Saturday, October 23, 2010


On Thursday I left Haiti on a scheduled 2 week leave. It didn’t feel right. I know I need the break but I don’t think I need it more than they need me to be there.

Beanka is still in the hospital, she is still really sick and she will probably still die. But I am not there for when she does.

On Wednesday, 5 other children were sick enough that they needed to be constantly monitored in my room. When I put them to bed that night I knew there was a chance that they would need me to take care of them this week, and I will not be there.

And then on Friday morning I woke up to the news that we have been dreading. Cholera had hit. And I wasn’t there…

The idea of returning to The States is great on those days when Haiti gets really hard but actually leaving really sucks. There are moments when I cling to the date where I will get a break but no hot shower, full meal or comfortable bed can replace the goodnight kisses, sweet baby faces and pure joy that I have when I am at home.

To be honest, I would jump on a plane tomorrow and go back to them if I were given the chance. 2 days down and only 13 to go. I really miss them!

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Anonymous said...

What a read your blog today and see my girl!!!!!! Thank youf or posting and loving all kiddos!! Thank you for giving this momma a special treat today!!