Sunday, October 17, 2010

Like A Day At The Beach

Today started out like every other Sunday in Leogane so far, preparing for a day at the beach. I still haven’t found an English church here and my Creole isn’t quite good enough for me to endure a 3 hour Haitian service! We have church service here at the house every evening for the kids and I get as much out of it as they do! Sundays have become a day of rest and rejuvenation while marveling at the blue of the water and the creation in front of me. Once again I was in awe of the beauty of this desolate Caribbean country.

P1020831  P1020833P1020829   P1020836 Beach with older girls Oct 2010 (10)

Early this afternoon our day “off” at the beach came to an end. Jeanel got a phone call saying that our baby Bianka, who has been in the hospital for almost 2 weeks, has gotten worse. Quickly we packed up and drove to Carrefour to see her.

When I arrived it didn’t take me very long to see that she was much worse since my last visit, 3 days ago. On Thursday Bianka had a patch of dead flesh on her foot. Today when I arrived the patch had gotten bigger and deeper, she also had a new spot on her left hand. The inside of her eyelids and mouth were grayish white and she whimpered pitifully with her eyes half closed. The nanny handed her to me and she cried and squirmed when I held her, it was obvious she was in pain.

Bianka lived in my room with me for the first 8 days of my stay in Leogane. The night we took her to the hospital I wasn’t sure she would live. Today, 12 days later she is worse, not better. Honestly, I am surprised she has held on this long. Every time I see her she is sicker. Today her arms, legs and face are swollen. The patches of dead flesh are bigger, she is in constant pain and the doctors still don’t know why. Seeing her breaks my heart. I hate when babies die, I hate more the slow, painful process that comes before.P1020838

Today the doctors said Bianka needed a blood transfusion, I went to the Haitian Red Cross office to donate for her but we were blessed to find out that they had her blood type in stock. We were in a hurry so they gave us her blood and told me to come back when I had time to donate to replace what we had taken.


Tonight Bianka is receiving the blood that the doctors say is their last effort for her. If this does not help there is nothing more for them to do. Bianka will die. Even with it she might. I knew this would be different than anything I had ever done before but I didn’t know the extent of the work I was getting myself into. Today I held Bianka and answered confidently “yes” when the pastor that I called asked if I intended to present Bianka to the Lord, if I would pray for her and do my best to lead her in a life lived for Jesus. I felt unworthy. Just 3 weeks ago I knew nothing of the reality of life in Haiti and now they trust to me to make decisions regarding these children. Today I have to believe that I made the right ones. There is nothing I can do for Bianka now but to present her to Jesus and intercede on her behalf. Will you join me in praying for little Bianka? More than anything I pray that God would take her pain away. Of course I beg that He would do that by healing her earthly body but I also know that His ways are always best, even if they don’t make sense to us. Should He heal her here or take her home, I pray that tonight Bianka will sleep without the agony of sickness and pain.



Maggie in North Carolina said...

What can I do? I am on my knees. Begging. Begging like I did months ago for Chrissie. I am rarely here. This is not a position that I am often in... but as tears fall on my cheeks, I am begging. Pleading. Please. This beautiful baby. Our baby. Is there something stateside we can do? Do I dare ask if it's about money? What is it? Praying... praying...

Jeannette said...

Father of mercies, and God of all comfort, our only help in time of need; we pray to you for help in behalf of little Jesus name...
And may Rhyan go about her tremendous new duties of love, rejoicing and giving continual thanks for your sustaining providence...through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Anonymous said...

I will be praying for her!! Is there ANY way at all that she could get help here in the USA through a foster program?? I have heard of other children coming to the USA for foster care and health care at the same time....just a question.....I just can't stand the thought of her dying!!! I will be praying for her, you and Jeanel!!!

Debra Masters said...

I am praying and crying and crying out that little Bianka be healed in the now. However that comes to be. Praying that y'all's hearts will hold her and hold yourselves and that you will not break. In the name of Christ. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Do you have an update on baby Bianka?
Did she have necrotizing fascitis or a flesh-eating condition?
Poor baby. She's in our thoughts. ;-)

Emily Suzanne said...

I found you through the Pattersons blog. We're adopting a little girl from Haiti. In the process. I've come to love this country and seeing Bianka's face breaks my heart. I'm on my knees right now praying for her and will be praying all day.